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GAIN Capital: a smart option for forex traders

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GAIN Capital is one of the largest forex brokers in the world, with clients spread over more than 140 countries. is a fully-owned subsidiary of this organisation and serves individual traders, rather than institutional ones.

The website is informative as well as stocked with user-friendly tools which even a novice will find easy. To open an account at you only need $2500, and just $500 for a mini account, compared to the $10,000 it takes to open an institutional trading account at the GAIN Capital website. That being said, the remainder of this GAIN capital review will now discuss GAIN's main features.

Spreads: fixed, variable and fractional
They can go down to even 1 pip for major currency pairs, against the usual low of 3 pip in relation to fixed spreads.
]Individuals trading on GAIN can choose between fixed and variable spreads, though most find the latter more attractive, as they widen in proportion to market volatility. They can go down to even 1 pip for major currency pairs, against the usual low of 3 pip in relation to fixed spreads. GAIN also has the advantage of offering fractional spreads, like 1.9 pip, allowing traders to gain from even small price differences. The fractional spread also works well with GAIN's policy of allowing orders inside spreads, meaning you don't have to pay full spread if your order within it is taken up by the market.

Further, individual traders can avoid paying commission when they trade on GAIN. All they have to pay is the spread between the bid and the ask price. Institutional clients, however, have to pay a commission of $25 per every million traded.

Easy-to-use and features-heavy
GAIN's Windows-based trading software is easy to install. It allows direct trading from charts and has various features, including news, market research and links to resources as well as a range of order types. It also has a similar, web-based platform which operates from a browser, allowing you to access your account from practically anywhere.

Through GAIN you can also use the top-rated Meta Trader 4 platform with a mind-boggling range of analytical tools and access to automated, customizable trading program.

In short, GAIN Capital combines a large portfolio of features with attractive spreads and functional software, and has the added advantages of a strong liquidity position and a well-structured training programme, making it a top notch broker for both institutional and individual traders.

Bonus rebate through Forex Trading Pal
As a bonus, Forex Trading Pal offers a rebate of up to $5 on every trade for those opening a real trading account at GAIN. This facility brings down your transaction costs. Forex Trading Pal services are free. The rebate program which allows you to receive the GAIN rebates works by referral. All you need to do is choose GAIN from the Forex Trading Pal site, sign up through their website and you are all set to earn back a part of the spread you pay on each trade!

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