According to a poll by Pew Research, 45 percent of Americans say they agree with Mr. Trump on no issues.

When it comes to number of Americans who agree with Trump, the numbers are smaller. Around 15 percent of all Americans agree with Trump on nearly all issues. The number of Republicans agreeing with Trump on nearly all issues is 31 percent. Additional 18 percent of Republicans agree with him on many issues and 21 percent agree with him on some issues.

Most Democrats, 77 percent, disagree with Trump on pretty much every issue.

When it comes to Trump as a man and how he conducts himself, only 34 percent of Republicans like how he conducts himself while only 19 percent were ready to say that they really don't like how he conducts himself.

The Pew Research survey results are based on a national sample of 1893 adults and was conducted in August during six days.