America is being punished by mentally deranged white people because they can't comprehend how a black man became president of the United States.

I do not know if the United States of America will recover after the obvious setup Donald Trump is implementing right before our eyes. If we do not learn anything else, America breeds hatred. Finally, the world sees us for what we really are: a place where good people are punished and evil people are well rewarded.

Donald Trump does not care how people see or think of him, this alone makes him a very powerful man. He does not mind looking like an idiot, racist, traitor, con artist, bully, controller, liar, etc. because he knows exactly what he is doing which is controlling people's attention while he completes his agenda to become a dictator to join his dear Russian friend Putin.

When the truth about Russia hit home, his son, he and no telling who else found another distraction, racism. We will let them know yes, we have ties with Russia and yes, we also have ties with the KKK's, and other hate groups. Yes, Duke announced it on live television they got Trump in office. There is no way Donald Trump will go against them because he needs them to complete his agenda of creating a civil war.

What does he need a civil war for? America will have a civil war to justify using military forces to attack the American people because of the upcoming violence and chaos brewing as I speak. Once this war begins, dictatorship will be accomplished and the so-called freedom we once had will be no more. We will be begging for bread and water and if we do not bow down to the new order, we will be terminated. Just know those of you who think Trump cares about you, rest of sure you will be among all of us who will suffer under his reign. Look at the already growing suffering America faces today as the world looks on.

If this does not look like Animal Farm, I will eat my hat. The animals in the story of Animal Farm By George Orwell took over the world and made humans their slaves, and wow, they became pure greedy gluts. Wake up America, we are being taken. This is some truth. Read Animal Farm, tell me you don't see it. Be concerned for our children. Do something!