A house divided against its self shall not stand. I cannot imagine how stupid and ignorant so many people are about what is actually happening in our country today. Do people not realize that as long as racism is accepted in America we will not progress? Do people understand how far along we would be as a nation if racism did not exist?

We are in the season of electing the most important leader in the United States of America and we are looking like desperate and total fools to the world. The world knows racism is destroying any hope of greatness. We will be our downfall and currently proving it each day a gun goes off. Look where hatred has taken us. This election is not about Hillary Clinton. It is about President Barrack Obama and Donald Trump and how they reached the high platforms their stand on today. Donald Trump got there by the people who have pure hearts of hatred towards minorities. He swears to make America great again. There is no greatness in division of the races. I ask, when was America was so great that all men and women were safe and equally treated.

Hatred exploded the moment President Barrack Obama was elected. It was already there but it escalated at an accelerated rate because racist people couldn't live with the reality their leader was a black man. They could not believe their own people helped elect him into office. They were confounded and traumatized. They actually experienced a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These people could not control the unseen pulsation of hatred that consumed them far more than it already had them so much so their spill over resulted in them becoming more blatant murderers towards innocent people. They are very ill and have been ill for a long time. Trump represents hope for them, if he does not win; they will lose even more of their minds as they face the world with a woman president.

The truth is this election is not about logic. It is about using Hillary to get people to not vote at all and to let racists vote to get Trump into office to destroy America for being so hateful. Donald Trump knows it does not matter what he says because it is not based on his logic. It is based on his being a magnet for racism and hatred towards people who are not white and who are not perfect foreign females. He is fearless and hides nothing about his stance on things because he knows who will vote for him no matter what he says or does.
For centuries, racist people have been focusing their hearts, minds and purpose on destroying the black man. Have you ever wondered why? It seems by now they would have changed their focus on themselves and their loved ones. So much time wasted in such an insane purpose. God will not let you wipe out what He created. Get well racist person. You are killing yourself and others.