Last night I chose to allow CNN to direct my focus in watching the several political escapades taking place in Iowa. For sure it was overwhelmingly a shame scene. The desperation our politicians carry with them to be heard these days is quite embarrassing. There was not one politician or celebrity figure appearing to be for the people. All they wanted was a chance to take President Obama's place in the White House. It was as though they had to prove if Obama can be president, by golly so can I.

Starting with Ben Carson, he has not even made it into the White House and he has already aged. He seemed to be doped up to me. He made no sense and I thought at any moment he was going to fall to sleep. Get out of here Carson, the gig is up. Bow out gracefully. Neb Bush stop looking like you are so desperate like you can't face your father and brother without winning as they have in the past. Joking about Trump did not grow you no backbone, you still are weak in your presentation. When you said the words "when my brother…" I had a flashback of the unnecessary Iraq War. I don't want to adapt to another Bush face constantly in the media for four years. No! Go home face the truth, America does not need another Bush president.
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Ted Cruz, I believe you are too soft to be president, I believe your conservative and religious approach should make you consider being a minister. I did not sense your concern for the people of the United States. What I saw was a man with a hidden anger and the potential to be very ugly when he does not get what he wants. He just did not make me feel comfortable. Marco Rubio has the look that is pleasing to the eyes. He could be president as far as being solid and convincing to people. Seems Rubio may have the most energy and vitality but lacks a spirit of authority and concern for people.
 article about Iowa Political Stampede

With CNN running four screens of which two were for each of the Clintons, one for the debate and of course one for Donald Trump, my interest in the remaining GOP runners fizzled. There was not anything about them that kept my interest. They were the normal expectations of challengers I have seen in the past. There was no need to focus in on them. Hillary and Bill Clinton were working hard to steer people towards them. I was not impressed there either. It was like a desperate plea to win no matter what you have heard or not heard just give us a chance to elect the first woman president of the United States; you let President Obama make history as the first African American president, come on make it happen, please.

Needless to say, Donald Trump is done. He was like an excited child who had more than enough attention to be considered great. Referring to his turnout as that of the Academy Awards tells me he likes the racial inequality found there. Though he called his event to be for our veterans, it was obvious it was all about him. I sensed no compassion permeating from him towards them. His whole demeanor was still on wanting to win the presidential election. I also felt he was a coward. What happened to his confidence to stand up to anybody and check them as needed? If this was a solid quality of his, he didn't have to tuck his tail and run out on the known GOP debate. Obviously, Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly was too much for him. He showed every sign of being intimidated. If he cannot face her, then he can't face the monsters presidents have to face in the White House. Good-bye Donald Trump. You cleverly created your own trump card.
This political escapade is a direct result of Barrack Obama becoming president of the United States. It is as though they have dropped the bar of what a president should be. Because he was an African American, so many people have literally lost their minds as to how to vote and listen to want-to-be candidates. Listen people, Present Barrack Obama did not start any wars in eight years. Through the disrespect and clamp down of Congress he still managed to make some positive changes. He too is a man, get your head out of your limited thinking before you make a grave mistake of electing the wrong person for the president of the United States. Think about our children's future. Grow up!