What you say Joe? I am too handsome for this? Yes, you are.

My heart was very glad today when Joe Biden announced he was not running for the president of the United States in 2016. Any good soul has no business in the White House. Weeks have gone by while people waited to hear whether he was going to run or not. I am sure his soul searching was genuine and the temptation to have one more hurrah before retiring from the political arena was inviting. But something he knew he could not ignored and it was this knowing that tipped the scale to a no answer. And, I bet I know exactly what it was.

It was right there in his face as he watched it every day. From day one when President Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States, Joe Biden was by his side. Both joined together having hope for America to get to a better place as one entity against the world. As time went by, Joe saw his comrade deteriorate right before his eyes. An innocent man was disrespected, treated like scum, hated and attacked just because he was different. He saw the heart of many American people and it was not pretty. Not only did he witness the heart of America but the evil in the White House, the lack of genuine concern for the American people and Joe saw a war against good and evil and what people with power and money will do to continue to kill and control America.

Before and after pictures of him and President Obama tells the whole story. This country sucked the life out of Obama. It didn't have to be that way. America does not deserve Biden's handsome face and beautiful smile. For sure he has the look anybody would be glad to see daily on television. And, he has the heart to care about others' well-being. But he lacks the ability to fight evil on a regular basis. Even though he is not African American which is why President Obama was literally abused, he still would be beaten for being a good soul. Thank God he saw it for himself that he is just too good for America.

Joe Biden, I take my hat off to you. It is nice to see someone love himself enough to save himself from a world of selfish and greedy people. Face it, America is corrupt and in that corruption is racism, hatred, greed, immortality, lawlessness, etc. We are drowning in our own evil. What you say Joe? I am too handsome for this. Yes, you are.