On the morning of Dec. 18, 2002, former congressman Wayne Owens arrived in Tel Aviv and was murdered by the evening. Those who know my research will not be shocked when I reveal the order to kill came from Israel's current President, Shimon Peres. I conducted extensive research which was published in my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. Fortunate readers, I offer you the e-book. Go to Chapter Three for the whole gruesome story: http://vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres8/CHAMISCHsabatai.pdf

I was blessed with an informant within established Mormon society. Eventually, I arrived in Salt Lake City and presented quite a lecture at a college on the nearly parallel murders of Wayne Owens and Yitzhak Rabin.

My highly reliable and proven informant returned this week with brand new information on the Owens murder:

Here is a tidbit regarding Wayne Owens from a neighbor/friend (lives at end of cul-de-sac from my corner house). This provides more detail to what he told me 3-4 years ago. He was friends with the chief-of-staff (a lawyer) and his wife. In an LDS context, this would make Owens much more blackmailable than mere dalliance with prostitutes, etc. Wayne Owen's chief of staff's, Kensley Brunsdale, Ex-Wife told me he had a homosexual affair with Wayne. He was the person that ran against Jim Hansen about 20 years ago as a dem. and came close to defeating Jim.

Knowing that my source is just like me, uncover the cover-ups and reveal the truth for our peoples' sake, he dove into Mormon politics:

More on Sen. Hatch's voting/confirmation record.
He's even worse than I had remembered. Two months ago I was at a Bountiful Town Hall meeting where Sen. Hatch said 3 different times that he had not voted for the Dept. of Education in 1979, when he actually did vote for it. Playing to his audience, or what? When they jump in the DC Sewer with the rest of the Rats they can't help but become slimy.

But believe me when I say, I know enough about Mitch Romney's father George, the governor of Michigan, through a fantastic yet believable expose called The TransFormation Of America by Cathy O'Brien. If you believe this account, and I do, back in the '60s, Governor Romney was running a sex blackmail clinic on Mackinac Island, Michigan. I have no illusions that this presidential race is between good and improved, or bad and better. It's between two bads and you'd have to be completely deluded to vote for either one.

So, I return to the Wayne Owens murder and what I was just informed. Way back in Dec. 2002, my informant verified my conclusion. Wayne Owens did not die on a path beside the Tel Aviv Hilton. My informant gathered testimony from with Owens' close circle that he was murdered elsewhere and his body was moved. In the latest round of information, he adds: "Another tidbit from my original conversation w/my FS nephew...Among the few things he did say about what he described as a privileged or secret meeting that he was under oath not to talk about, was that Wayne Owens' family had expressed that they didn't want an autopsy performed. I thought that was odd at the time and even fantasied that maybe they had been visited and told not to have one done. But mere fantasy, I realize. I would think that after hearing what you had to say, they might want to reconsider that decision, even with the passage of time, if originally they thought it unnecessary and were not being coerced."

My conclusion is that the much younger Brunsdale did not desire an affair with a none too handsome, 65 year old at death, Wayne Owens. It was an ordinary affair career-boosting Mormon fling. My informant notes: ...was and is very much impressed w/Kennley's ex-wife. Which could be some indication Kennley was prepossessing, himself; maybe even to the point of being a pretty boy, or handsome devil at least.

I will summarize, in a nutshell, why Wayne Owens was knocked off. In 1989, Owens flew to Tunisia and met with PLO-chieftain Yasir Arafat. This was illegal and it caused a significant scandal in the US. This did not go unnoticed by in 1990 by PM Shimon Peres, who cooked up a plan in which Owens will be supplied funds to start his own peace lobby called, The Center For Middle East Peace And Economic Cooperation. Wayne Owens, a member of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) was assisted in the founding by co-founder Daniel Abraham and business founder Stephen P. Cohen (CFR).

Shortly after, Peres founded his own Center for Peace, with co-founders Daniel Abraham and Stephen Cohen of the CFR. The scam was in place. Owens would milk USAID of hundreds of millions in AID grants on behalf of his peace center, while Peres would be given responsibility to spend the American taxpayer "donations" on behalf of his peace center. It was the best scam in both worlds. In 2000, the minds of Brunsley and Peres melded in crime. Brunsley was an environmentalist, he convinced himself, deluding himself that letting the decrepit Owens do whatever he wanted with his body was justified in his water projects bringing peace to the Middle East. In that year, Peres Peace Center executive, Charles Bronfman (CFR), bought a water company, Vivendi, which, shortly after, just happened to win a big chunk of a desalination plant contract in Ashkelon and its connecting canal to Gaza, worth $128m to Peres and $75m to Arafat, all paid for by USAID.

But then tragedy struck the criminal enterprise. USAID chief auditor, Lawrence Foley, based in Amman, Jordan, looked at the numbers behind the Owens/Peres desalination project, and they didn't add up. So on Oct. 28/02, he was murdered in Amman. The crime has never been solved. The murderama had begun.

Then came a far worse leak. Peres' envoy to the PLO was a convicted crook named Yossi Ginnosar. He and accountant Ozra Lev had cooked a scheme for Arafat to embezzle over $300m from what he called "the Palestinian people", and hide it in Swiss bank accounts. But Lev snapped, shockingly realizing that he had facilitated terrorism against his people...or, the Jews. He revealed that numerous phoney businesses had been established claiming that Stephen Cohen, the business founder of Owens crooked peace center, not to mention a founder of the Peres Peace Center, as their owner.

Apparently, not realizing that Peres can ride out any scandal, Owens naturally thought that he'd been directly connected to the huge scandal via Cohen. So, on Dec. 17, '02, Owens had a meeting in Cairo with two "honest" PLO politicians, Jerusalem Affairs Minister Sari Nusseibeh, and Finance Minister, Salaam Fayyad, to overthrow Arafat's leadership of the PLO and ultimately, to put an end to the Arafat/Peres scam to bilk the American government of, literally, billions of dollars, in environmentally tasteful water-related projects.

However, needless to say, Owens was dead in Israel the next day, Nusseibeh, was stripped by Arafat of his Jerusalem Ministry the day after, and it took two more months for Arafat to rid himself of Fayyad.

Since visiting Salt Lake City and telling the Owens facts, I have been corresponding with a member of Wayne Owens family, who must know, I've got the murder sorted out. But, lest he may be construed as casting aspersions on the good and decent Mormon folk, he has kept his mouth shut...whatever he actually knows. We're all the same suckers, Mormon, PLO, American taxpayer and Jew. Who'll be the first to talk...honestly?