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I would have thought that a person who is accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity, breaches of the Geneva Convention as well as breaching the Laws of War would not be so stupid as to write a book about it and in the process, getting thousands of poor suckers with nothing better to spend their money on to buy this ultimate piece of nonsense.

In his book,Tony Blair is trying to justify going to war against Iraq
Blair also forgot tell his readers that he was twice advised that the war against Iraq was illegal.
forgetting to tell his readers the true facts those facts being that Blair, together with George Bush and Australia's John Howard, knew that there was no evidence supporting the notion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the sole reason for conducting this war was to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Blair also forgot tell his readers that he was twice advised that the war against Iraq was illegal. Howard and Bush were advised along the same lines. Blair also forgot to tell his readers that the failure of the US, the UK and Australia to subsequently ensure that their responsibilities as being the three occupying powers, as in international law, to protect Iraqi citizens were not complied with. He also failed to ensure that the provisions of the Geneva Convention were fully complied with and conveniently forgot to tell people that he and Howard knew the processes through which the US treated prisoners of war and other Iraqi combatants leading to the illegal US extraordinary rendition processes as well as abuses in US-managed prisons located within Iraq. The war in Iraq cost thousands of lives, all of which can be traced back to the illegal invasion by the US, the UK and Australia.

Reading the nonsensical statements that Blair has come up with as to justify his actions almost defy belief doing nothing to satisfy his critics as well as doing nothing to change the minds of those who believe that Bush, Blair and Howard should be hauled before the International Criminal Court to answer charges of human rights abuses, conducting and illegal war, breaches of the Geneva Convention, illegal detention as well as other international law breaches.

I am certainly of the view that all three grubby individuals should be charged and, with any luck, hopefully convicted as charged.

And like it or not.

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