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Australian has lots of former Prime Ministers, wannabe Prime Ministers, could-have-been Prime Ministers and indeed should-have-been-Prime Minister but there is only one Australian who says she is the Prime Minister but who is really nothing more than an example of being just another a coup-leader. Coup-leader Julia Gillard is currently promoting the virtues of a Gillard Government when in reality there is no and never was a Gillard Government in the first place.

Let's look at Gillard's record in Government, keeping mind that Julia Gillard was the Deputy Prime Minister in the Rudd Government before Prime Minister Rudd was deposed by Labor powerbrokers, half of them not even elected by Australian voters.

In 2007 Labor promised an emissions trading scheme. It failed to come about. Labor promised a home insulation scheme. It was canned after four people were electrocuted to death and after over 200 premises were destroyed by fire through incompetent Government management of the project. Labor promised better infrastructure. We have yet to see most of it. Labor promised a better health system. We have yet to see it. Labor decided to have a minerals resources tax. It had to be watered down after mining companies objected. Labor promised a better education system. We have yet to see most of it. Just about the only positive aspect of the Australian Labor Government was the economy and even that was more luck rather than good management this given the fact that countries such as China purchased huge amounts of minerals from Australia in so doing artificially boosting the Australian economy.

And then there was the Labor coup. After Prime Minister Rudd's popularity declined somewhat, the Sydney-based lunatic-right of the Labor Party decided to depose Rudd. The coup had the full and unconditional support of Julia Gillard who always wanted the PM's job but failed to get it after Rudd became Australia's Prime Minister. There is more than a little evidence that Gillard and her right-wing, elected and unelected Labor friends deliberately undermined Rudd for months prior to the coup taking place.

With the Australian elections now only weeks away, Gillard now expects the Australian voters to believe that a Government led by her and her cohorts will be good for Australia and Australians, a notion which, this given Labor's and Gillard's record in Government, is contrary to what are the facts. The facts are that Labor just about stuffed everything it has laid its hands on during the past three years and that with Labor's lunatic right-wing now firmly in control of the Government, there is only one person Julia Gillard is going to look after in Government and that is Julia Gillard.

Well may Julia Gillard say that the Labor Government did lose its way during the Rudd Government, in which case I think that perhaps she should have purchased a better and indeed current street directory as to ensure that she was looking at the same page of the street directory as was the rest of the Australian population.

As for coup-leaders? Yes, you're right. I have a particular dislike for them because I have yet to see any evidence that any coup-leader has ever benefited or advanced the interests of their particular country when they seized power and thus, in Australia's case, Julia Gillard was/is just another coup-leader, no more, no less.

And like it or not.

My name is Henk Luf and
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