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The International Law Compliance Forum (ILCF) has urged countries with instances of child-and sex abuse allegations to immediately begin proceedings against offenders and their protectors.

The ILCF has also urged countries to vary their 'statue of limitations' provisions through their legislative processes as to ensure that offenders as well as those religious officials who were aware of offences but failed to report them to authorities.

The ILCF also stated that those who assisted with the concealment of sex crimes by way of making representations to victims as to ensure that proceedings against offenders should have 'conspiracy' charged laid against them. According to the ILCF, the concealing of a serious criminal offence as to hinder proceedings warrants conspiracy charges in most countries through their legislative as well as criminal justice processes.

It is known that while a number, not all, Vatican officials may have diplomatic immunity, those within the various countries where offences have taken place do not have such privileges meaning that they are liable to prosecution in relation to the abuses.

It is now also known that some catholic congregations in Europe have commenced discussion as to voice 'no confidence' in their local catholic hierarchy as well as highlighting that they no longer have confidence in the processes of the Vatican, its officials and the pope.

In all, offenders and those accused of conspiracy without diplomatic immunity, may have their journeys cut short upon them being presented with a warrant. And that measure may include trips in and out of the Vatican.

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