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These people within the Vatican walls must think it's Christmas or something and they must certainly be counting their blessings due to the fact that they seem to have gotten away with more revelations of child-abuse and other crimes without having to lift a finger. Bloody disgusting it is.

Thousands upon thousands of religious abuse cases in places such as Ireland, the US, Australia as well as Germany have now been highlighted and authorities, State and church, in a number of countries appear to have done very little or nothing to counter the epidemic of catholic church paedophilia that has come to light.

So here are some suggestions as to what action people within their own religion, especially the catholic religion, should take within their own countries and legal jurisdictions.

First of all there is the matter of ensuring that none of the officials within any religious organisation have been or are involved with sex or other crimes. Those that are or have been should be immediately dismissed and reported to authorities within any local legal and/or criminal jurisdiction or prosecution authorities.

Those who had knowledge of religious sex crimes but failed to take action should be dismissed and prosecuted on the basis of the fact that hiding major crimes, and that what sex-crimes are, is a serious criminal offence in its own right.

The way to get rid of any suspect hierarchy is through the 'no confidence' process by letting those who maintain in power, can no longer rely on the backing of their constituency. Having done all that, those who wish to maintain can their religious practices under new management and without former or suspect church officials.

In the case of the Catholic Church, there is no longer any purpose to be served in terms of allowing the Vatican to 'rule' over religious activities. The Vatican is no longer relevant as it has proven to be ineffective, out of touch and, in the thousands of the abuse cases, criminally liable. As I have mentioned previously, the Vatican can only serve one purpose these days and that is as museum.

And while we are having a go at the Vatican, might I mention this.

A large number of people, as well as Government and EU agencies, want to see the Vatican release audited financial statements as to provide transparency within the catholic religion.

In total, by all means, one should be free to practice any religion of one's choice as one wishes, at the same ensuring that those who no longer have a place within such as religion because of sex-crimes allegations and convictions are shown the door pointing toward the nearest jail.

Finally, to those who may have been abused by church or religious officials. Ensure that those who abused you are charged, also ensuring that those who may have hidden the offenses against you are also charged and prosecuted and then seek substantial compensation processes that are open and transparent and for all to see.

And like it or not.

My name is Henk Luf.
And that's the way it is.