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As I mentioned previously, Iran is very close, within months, to being capable of delivering nuclear warheads to a target.

The latest evidence of its capability comes with the release of information that Iran's researchers were tinkering with a 'two-point implosion device' which, when fully developed would give Iran the capacity to put a small nuclear warhead onto a medium-range missile.

These devices are essentially designed to reduce the size and weight of a potential nuclear warhead as to make them capable of being delivered.

Such devices are not used for the processes of nuclear power generation and have only one purpose that is, to deliver a nuclear weapon.

Despite the rumblings of economic sanctions and other such useless tools of exerting pressure upon the Iranian regime, Iran has been capable of becoming a nuclear weapons power very quickly, with the assistance of foreign scientists and nuclear technicians who have been working in Iran for years.

The notion of two rogue states, Iran and Israel, possessing these sorts of weapons is disturbing and it will be up to the international community to ensure that both countries remove the nuclear capability.

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