We are losing sight of the power of leadership that is why we are falling as a nation.  Whoever is the head leads the body.  What does this mean?  It means if we have a devil for a leader, we will be treated like we are already in hell.  Not saying this is what we face today.  But I will say I learned the power of leadership on my job.  When the president of a company has a huge ego and suffer from a superiority complex, his favorites take on the same demeanor causing those not his favorites to suffer.  On that same note, if the president of a company has the spirit of an angel, the staff succumbs to the justice for all mentality.

America, while you are listening to the final days of the republican and democratic candidates attack one another with negativity, remember one of them will become the leader of our country.  Will it be the one that did the most attacking and dirt digging or will it be the one who can have a constructive and positive affect on all levels of leadership from the school system to the workforce?  For sure we have seen leadership on multiple levels throughout the country give less and less respect to people.  Employers took away from their employees and dared them to question the deterioration of insurance and raises.  Anywhere we turn there is not accountability in leadership.  Authorities in the medical field have pretty much made healthcare a frightening experience when it comes to insurance or no insurance.  Churches collect billions of dollars a year while people are struggling to make ends meet.  You would have thought by now the church community would be strong enough to have a world within this world to protect their own people.  But no, it is because the spirit of greed has reached some in this leadership as well.

Who do we trust to do right by us?  Who have we trusted and been let down time and time again?  Do we have any power at all?  Are we going to finally come together and let a clean sweep go through this country to rebuild its foundation or are we going to continue to bow down to dictatorship and corruption?  The next president of this country is either going to punish us for not taking a stand or join in the struggle to bring justice to all.  Which one of these candidates appear to be human?  Who has a lot to lose trying to save this country? 

When you talk about leadership you are talking about shaping a conscious of people to head in a specific direction.  It is not about the political games that is being played for it is a form of subliminal persuasion to steer us away from what we need most and that is a leader with a heart for humanity.  I have one question:  What will our children's history books say about the past leaders of our country of ten years?   It is time for a new and fresh leadership across the board.  If we don't wake up, we will be comatose for a long time.  It is now or never.