As we near election, we are listening to two primary candidates, John McCain and Barrack Obama.  I am sure I am not the only one shocked that Obama has made it this far.  For me this is a miracle.  When think how far the African American man has come in America, this is a very eerie thing for me because this is something that just don't happen.  But now that it has happened.  Barrack Obama may very well be the next president of the United States, you can't help but wonder if we were as evil and racist as a nation as evidence have revealed.  Could it be finally white America is allowing their conscious to expand beyond racism to Americanism?

I don't know because we still struggle as African Americans to be safe and created equal in America.  But if this is not the case, then why have white America allowed Obama to arrive to where he stands today?  Is it a hidden agenda?  Will it be proved that racism has found more sophisticated ways to express itself behind the scenes and it is just waiting for the moment when it will show its ugly head or have we actually evolved into less prejudice beings?

We've seen some racial evidence surface but we counteract them properly not allowing them to destroy our hope of establishing a nation tired of corruption.  I am so touched by the people of America today.  They are fighting for change.  When I see a white man trusting Obama I am mesmerized.  Their dedication and commitment to seeing him lead us to a better place is overwhelming to me.  I have witnessed it more times than I ever imagined.  As an African American female in America, I know both sides of the fence of the white Americans being for and against us.  I must say it is a two-edged sword America is facing now.

The world is watching us with a magnifying glass.  It knows our tendencies to self-destruct.  The world is waiting to see if racism will do its evil thing as we seek salvation from corruption.  The outsiders are watching us to see if good will prevail thinking it will not because America has gotten its priorities out of place.  We have to save ourselves from greedy and corrupted leaderships.  If we don't, the outsiders will close in on us and racism will be invalid from then on end. 

Obama is taking on a task of assisting the victimized people of America recover from corruption.  John McCain as far as I see is only playing the old political game of controlling people's lives with no concern for individuals struggling to have a secure life.  If we don't get involve and let it be known that America is not going to take it anymore, we're going to fight to save our future because our children need hope, then we are wasting our time working everyday.  America, it is not just sweet words Obama is speaking.  He is revealing our serious need to see and do things differently.  This man is risking his and his family's life to pave a way to saving America from dictatorship.  Time and time again, he reminds us we have to work together to save America.