The next President Over 200 years ago, a group of men came together, and after much debate and conflicting views, wrote the governing document (the Constitution) for establishing the rules by which this country (the United States of America) would be run and managed.

Every President of this country has done grave damage during his term(s) in office. Since most of us were schooled in the government schools (the public school system) and the liberal colleges and universities, we are never told of the violations of our constitution or the atrocities that these Presidents have initiated. We are only told of the merits of their administration(s).

However, without their deviating from the Constitution and the original intent of our founding fathers, we could not have made the progress that has made us into the great nation that we are today.

I am not condoning their breaches from conforming to the Constitution, but rather just explaining that we got to where we're at, as quickly as we did because of their errors.

During the term of our seventh President (Andrew Jackson), both the Democratic and Republican parties were formed and exist to this very day. Each of these parties have separate and conflicting agendas that produce some good but mostly counter-productive laws. The great experiment called democracy has served us well. As with all experiments, one has to know when to stop.

We have not paid attention to the abuses of this experiment and have let our representatives and leaders go way beyond that which serves the people best, to a point where our government has become so large and repressive that it is no longer serving the people of this country, but rather the corporations, banks and super rich only.

We are about to come to an election of one third of our senators, many of our representatives and a new President. Unfortunately, your vote for the President DOES NOT COUNT. Only the vote of the Electoral College counts in electing a President. A large percentage of the few of you that vote base your vote on things that have nothing to do with who will really represent your interests best.

An example of this is that women tend to vote for a woman, regardless of her qualifications or agenda; blacks will vote for a black person without knowing anything about that person other than the color of their skin. These are not reasons to vote for someone that has your best interests in mind.

This year we are going to elect what may be our last President. The person may or may not place the final blow in our democracy and finally destroy it to the point that it cannot be returned to what was originally intended. Due to the liberalism that has grown over the past 50 or 60 years, our country has inched away from a democracy and more and more to socialism with everyone's income and efforts being shifted to the elite few.

Your apathy and lack of attention to what takes place on a daily basis in Washington D.C. has permitted our democracy to gradually slip away. Most of our Constitution has been nullified already with laws that contradict it that go unchallenged. You must not permit this to go on any longer. In order to preserve your way of life and your "freedoms" to continue, it's imperative that your voice and concern be heard. You must write to your representatives with your complaints and concerns as well as any suggestions to correct the things you find deplorable.

If you fail to vote, you deserve to watch the eradication of your freedoms. It's up to you to preserve this democracy for yourself as well as your children and even their children. Do not vote for anyone that is already in office at any level because they are the instigators of this decline in every aspect of our daily lives. We need new people representing us with fresh new ideas to help heal the damage that their predecessors have done. Please, please become informed and vote...