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U.N. Human Rights Processes Collapse

 article about U.N. Human Rights Processes Collapse

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What were already farcical processes in terms of UN human rights enforcement have virtually collapsed following the United Nations failure to bring human rights and other international law abuses forward into the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice processes.


Thus far the UN, the ICC and the ICJ have failed to investigate major breaches of human rights, the Geneva Convention as well as other major breaches more or less putting the accusations into the 'too hard' basket.


The UN has not pursued potential charges against US, UK and Australian political figures in relation to the illegal invasion of Iraq. The illegal US capture, transportation and detention of civilians have not been acted upon despite the offences having been more than adequately highlighted and accusations of other major abuses by a number of countries and their political figures have all come to nothing thus far.


The issue of serious abuses not having been accounted for has prompted the International Law Compliance Forum, ILCF, to commence processes to have the UN Human Rights Committee wound up and to commence its own International Law compliance activities. The ILCF has also urged the various human rights organisations to become much more pro-active in terms of pursuing those being accused of international law breaches and to bring civilian charges against those breaching human rights and other international law provisions.


The ILCF has listed a number of individuals as being candidates for having charges brought against them and will proceed accordingly.

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