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CUBA - The Road to Democracy

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Much has been said as to what might happen to Cuba beyond the Castro era and, as per usual, vested interests have muddied the waters to the extent that those who are likely to eventually run the country have, with the blessing of the current Cuban Government, gone to independent and unbiased sources to assist them with formulating a viable long-term strategy for the Caribbean nation. The end results of the ongoing studies, analysis and detailed negotiations are proving very successful in terms of providing a long-term strategy for Cuba.


The aim of the exercise is to maintain the positive aspects of the current Government structures and institutions while reforming processes that needed to be reformed in order to bring Cuba into a modern political environment.


The basic future Government structure will see a President, Government, a House of Representatives and a Senate. Provincial Government and local Government representation will also be catered for.


The first process will be to allow for political parties to be formed, following which free Presidential elections will be held. The new President and his Government will be responsible for instituting Parliamentary processes, the formulation of a new constitution and independent judicial processes. Freedom of speech and the media will be enshrined into the new constitution. No external interference into reform processes will be tolerated by a new Government as to provide a message to the US not to interfere with Cuban domestic affairs.


Election processes will be observed and monitored by independent UN and EU observers.


A new Cuban Government has the intention to have good relations will all its neighbours including the US, the international focus however being on developing a Caribbean, Latin American and South American trading and political zones along EU lines. While a new Cuban government will neither be pro or anti US, Cuba will set guidelines in terms of its relations with its northern neighbour. Cuba will have the intention to offer the US a non-aggression agreement. Should such an agreement not be possible, Cuba will substantially upgrade its defence capabilities. Cuba also has the intention to offer the US reciprocal over-fly aviation rights.


The issue of Guantanamo Bay ownership will go to the International Court of Justice, the case currently being prepared by International Law experts. Proof has already been provided that the US no longer has the right to occupy the area know as Guantanamo NAS, currently used by the US as a Navy, Marines base as well as an illegal detention facility. Cuba will maintain its legally correct position that the US needs to remove itself off Cuban soil prior to relations being able to be improved between the two countries.


The issue of Cuban citizens living overseas, mainly in the US, has been determined, with the long-term decision being that former Cuban citizens may return to Cuba as citizens any time they please, provided their current US citizenship has been renounced. Those wishing to retain US citizenship will be treated as tourists upon which tourist visa provisions will apply. Other, more flexible, provisions will apply in relation to EU and non-US visitors.


Trading and business provisions will be liberalised throughout Cuba without the rights of Cuban workers and education opportunities being compromised.


The changes currently being contemplated and devised will turn Cuba into a modern democratic nation, without the problems that were encountered by other countries that proceeded through the upheavals of former communist States turned into democracies. One thing should be remembered though is the fact that while Cuba is more than happy to have amicable relations with the US, it is in no mood to become a US ally. Cuba will look elsewhere for its friendly relations including with countries throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, as well as Canada and Europe.


The whole process has been and still is most interesting in terms of how Cuba will manage the suggested and contemplated changes.


Interesting and progressive times ahead indeed.




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