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British Pride A Dangerous Commodity

 article about British Pride  A Dangerous Commodity



Have they STILL not learnt yet?


A recent report on the arrival back in the UK of the HMS Cornwall crew states they were in Iraqi waters.


The 15 soldiers and marines still seem to believe this, or they are lying. Evidence has already proven they had inadvertently strayed into Iranian territory.


What is the difficulty in admitting an honest mistake?


The crew should be told the truth and shown the real evidence. They are the ones who suffered because of yet again Politics!  All Iran was looking for is the truth.  The blustering efforts of Tony Blair put his men and woman into real danger. A simple admission of the truth is all that was required, saving the crew a multitude of stress and worry.


Iran using psychological mind games, according to the report, is also not acceptable. Once the evidence came to light, they also knew it was an honest mistake.


Politics?  Ditch them!  The perhaps solutions will be found to many world-wide problems.



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