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Presidential Campaigns: Financial Vampires

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Why do I get the feeling that politics has become more about what's in their bank account than what's in their head?

This week it's all about money and who made the most of it. I'd say it was a distraction, but so is almost everything else these potential Presidents do. The real issues have long since left the building. It's a virtual schoolyard of tattletales and bullies. Every statement and movement is challenged, scrutinized and "proven" to be the wrong choice.

So, just how much money have our leaders gouged in 2007?  So far . . .
Hillary Clinton: $26 million
Mitt Romney: $23 million
Rudy Giuliani: $15 million

Barack Obama hasn't checked in, and that's got some people wondering if an announcement is being written. God, I hope not.

John McCain hasn't checked in yet. He was in Iraq over the weekend looking for reasons to support Bush. Good luck with that, John.

Among the candidates that don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning:

John Edwards: $14 million (pity money I'd assume)
Bill Richardson: $9 million ($5 mil came from his senate campaign fund, though)
Chris Dodd: $4 million
Joe Biden: $4 million

When these people look at their totals, what goes through their mind? Have they already planned out how it will be spent? Do they rub their hands together and hunch over like greedy misers?

Hillary will probably put some of that money towards the maintenance of her fake smile and sincerity.

Quite frankly, I think it's disgusting that this is what makes a headline instead of true issues and how these candidates plan to attack them. Well, maybe "attack" isn't the best word to use . . .  we don't need another President with an itchy trigger finger.


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