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BUSH and Freedom, Liberty and Democracy?

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When George Bush waffles on about freedom, liberty and democracy as if he knows something about the subject, most people either throw up or walk off in disgust.


You see, when young George talks about these lofty subjects, he is essentially talking nonsense. In other words, when it comes to the notions of freedom, liberty and democracy, George Bush is only capable of talking crap.


So who are the people and countries that Bush so vigorously defends and that are regarded as valued friends and allies of the United States.


In Europe, the only ally that the US appears to have left is the UK and even that relationship is becoming more marginal as times goes on. The rest of Europe has essentially abandoned the US in disgust.


In the Asia-Pacific region, Australia's Prime Minister, little Johnny Howard is one of George's greatest friends. In fact, George Bush is John Howard's only friend these days. This particular grubby individual has managed to alienate most if not all Australians, most of them now regarding Howard as 'a pain in the arse' no doubt hoping that, after the next elections, this particular idiot no longer holds office.


In the Middle East, the upholders of George's notion of freedom, liberty and democracy include some of the most ruthless and grubby dictators.

There is a sweet little man called Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's President. This George Bush favourite runs a ruthless virtual dictatorship where human rights mean nothing and where America often sends captured civilians for a bit of 'vigorous interviewing' through the illegal 'extraordinary rendition' processes.

Another Bush favourite is President Karsai of Afghanistan. Leading a country where the various warlords now sit in Parliament, Karsai appears to be heading for an inglorious end for as long as the place is totally corrupt and for as long as Nato forces are trying to oust the Taliban out of the various remote regions. Democracy in Afghanistan? Don't be silly; they are too busy growing dope.


Then there is another Bush favourite, General Pervez Musharraf, self-appointed President of Pakistan. I think Musharraf could be a bit of a gambler given his performances on the world stage. On one hand, he backs the US getting additional F16's and other goodies in return while, on the other hand, he backs the Taliban throughout the Pakistani border regions. The Pakistani secret service is basically an out of control bandit outfit while the Pakistani military totally ignores this little tin pot dictator. It is in fact the military that control Pakistan's nuclear weapons.


Then we have Kuwait. The first Iraqi war was designed to liberate Kuwait and to bring democracy to the country. The Kuwaiti democracy notion has since floated away into the distance aboard the various types of oil tankers. Others examples of democracy George Bush style include the UAE and Qatar while the Saudi regime clearly has selectively forgotten how to spell words that could even remotely mean freedom, liberty and democracy.


And then lastly, there is Israel, America's best ally that money can buy. The more money George Bush pushes into Israel, the more votes and political donations he gets at home. All one can say about that process is to highlight the fact that America's unquestioned support for Israel has cost America its reputation, thousands of American lives as well as the loss of some very basic liberty processes at home.


To those in the US who may not like what I just said, may I highlight the US administration's activities at home as well as internationally.


The US Government runs a perfectly good Government-funded terrorist organisation called the CIA and it has been able to bypass all sorts of legal processes and international laws and a little research may tell volumes as to some of the activities that this outfit has been involved in.


So while your President continues to prop up grubby little dictators and other no-names internationally, George clearly not being clever enough to do otherwise, the CIA and other Bush instruments of power are constantly eating into the basic freedoms of Americans.


Perhaps the time has come for Americans to bring America back to its basic democratic principles without the likes of Bush, Rice and others.


Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy? Ask George how to spell it first and just watch the response.

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