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Since the George W. Bush regime came to power, there have been numerous breaches of International Law, breaches of UN and other Conventions including the Geneva Convention. Those breaches are enough in severity and seriousness to warrant an international investigation as to charges being brought against former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.


The allegations speak for themselves, highlighting the way the US Administration does business regardless of international protocols and other procedures as required by international law.


Here are some the allegations that can be brought against Rumsfeld.



It is alleged that Mr Rumsfeld, in company with others, knowingly mislead the United Nations in relation to the alleged presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, knowing the information as representation to the UN to be untrue and false.



It is alleged that Mr Rumsfeld, in company with others, commenced an illegal war against Iraq, despite such a war not being approved by the UN Security Council and despite the fact that the reasons for such a war being commenced was based on false and misleading information.



As the occupying powers in Iraq, together with the UK and Australia, the US failed to ensure the safety of civilians and others, as was their responsibility as the occupying powers. Mr Rumsfeld being one of the architects of the occupation, failed to ensure that international obligations in relation to the occupation of Iraq were carried out.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others were responsible for the proven human rights abuses carried out against prisoners in US detention centres in Iraq by US military personnel and others.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others presided over the illegal capture, transportation and detention of civilians.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others presided over the illegal detention of civilians at Guantanamo Bay NAS, such detention designed as to avoid proper US, international, legal, and human rights provisions as well as Geneva Convention processes.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others failed to ensure that all provisions of the Geneva Convention were fully complied with.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others presided over a regime of human rights abuses including practices such as torture, such practices often taking place in locations away from public scrutiny through the so-called 'rendition' process.



As Secretary of Defence, Mr Rumsfeld and others authorised the weapons re-supply of Israel during the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The weaponry supplied included 'cluster-bombs'. The subsequent use of these weapons resulted in the deaths and injury of many innocent lives.



It is alleged that the conduct of this particular character has been way beyond what is permitted under International Law, that his conduct was in breach of International Law and the Geneva Convention and that his conduct could easily be classified as 'crimes against humanity'.


The two initial allegations are those that could adequately be proven and indeed supported through international processes.


It is now up to the UN and International Criminal Court to proceed with these allegations.



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