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While relations between the US and Iran have not been good ever since the fall of the Shah, the verbal hostilities between the two countries have become increasingly acrimonious in recent months.

In fact, with the US becoming increasingly unpopular and isolated throughout the Middle East and the US administration becoming increasing desperate to find a solution in Iraq, the rhetoric in Washington has become increasingly hostile towards Tehran.


Iran, in response, has let fly of a few sideswipes of its own towards Washington.


There are a number of issues that the US appears to be unhappy with in relation to Iran.


One item of US annoyance is the support Iran is providing to insurgents in Iraq, as well providing support to both Hammas in Palestine and Hesbolah in Lebanon, either direct or via Syria.


The US has conveniently forgotten that Iran has had to endure a long and bitter Iran-Iraq war with both Europe and the US supplying the then Iraqi regime with modern weapons and support.


The US also has conveniently forgotten that by illegally invading Iraq, together with its so-called 'coalition of the willing' partners Australia and the UK, a power vacuum was created in Iraq and the region - a vacuum that Iran opted to take full advantage of, keeping in mind Iranian experiences with the former Iraqi regime.


In terms of the Iranian support of Hammas and Hesbolah, it is often forgotten that despite numerous UN resolutions towards Israel, all of which have been ignored, Israel still occupies territory that does not belong to it.


It is safe to assume that only a comprehensive peace between Israel and its

neighbours, including the Palestinians, will convince Iran to cease the support of both organisations remembering that Hammas was in fact elected to form a Palestinian government



The other main US annoyance is the Iranian move towards developing a nuclear power industry while possibly also developing nuclear weapons.


The issue of Iran developing a nuclear power industry is a simple one.

Iran might be floating on oil at the moment but one can safely assume that the supply of available oil is not going to last forever, hence the Iranian desire to nuclear.


In terms of the development of nuclear weapons, Iran is of the view, not publicly so, that it needs a deterrent against future aggressors including Israel, remembering that Israel possesses 300+ nuclear warheads and has the capacity to deliver those warheads.


In terms of solutions, the current series of proposals that are on the table are obviously not working. Finding answers and solutions, and in order to achieve a lasting peace, more radical proposals will have to be put up no doubt. Difficult to create you might ask? No, not really.


Radical as to what may be the terms and conditions of such proposals might you ask? Oh yes, indeed.



In terms of the Iran issues though, we must look at what Iran needs in order to feel secure within its own borders, which is the fundamental driving force behind all its political and diplomatic maneuvering. Included in that desire would be establishment of secure neighbours, a nuclear power industry and the ability to chose its own future development without outside interference.


The only way that would encourage Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions would be for Israel to remove its nuclear stockpile.




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