It is obvious to me that this election year has become a vile one, and one of great negativity.  I don't think conservatives have been all that positive either, but who can blame them? When you have liars sending fake memos to places like CBS to discredit someone, whether it's because they hate them or just plain disagree, it is disgusting. Furthermore, it's sad that CBS and Dan Rather took so long to admit that.  This now confirms the former myth that the media does have a liberal slant.

Thank God for Fox News!  Then again, if this had been Fox News, the liberals would have screamed bloody murder. Who can blame conservatives for getting angry?  I can't.  It seems that George Bush, for the liberals, is the most hated President in recent history, and I thought people hated Billy "Whore" Clinton.

Now, if we are going to bring up a person's military service, let's talk about Bill Clinton's record.  For one thing, he dodged the draft, but no one said anything.  I also didn't see conservatives sending fake memos to Fox News, but I'll bet you that Fox would have done some fact checking.  They also would have checked and found out more information about the source.

Of course, while we are talking about liberals and their rampant hypocrisy, let's talk again about Bill Clinton, who was reported by News Max as saying we should attack Iran. So is this former President now supporting the 'Axis of Evil,' which was coined by President George W. Bush?  I don't know. You tell me if this rings 'hypocrisy' in your ear. I can sure hear it singing in mine.  But I believe a war in Iran, assuming I agreed with it, would be a bloody, long, drawn-out war.

According to recent news, Iran can now supposedly fire a ballistic missle as far as London. A scary thought.  Maybe in the near future, Iran will fire one at the United States, (assuming they achive the capability to fire one at us)  and who is to say it won't be a nuke.  Shouldn't the American people want someone who can protect them?  I sure as hell do. I don't want some guy like John "Flip-Flop" Kerry, who can't even define himself, defending us. Why elect someone who is supposedly trying to please both sides when his only beliefs fall along the liberal side, not even approaching the conservative?  One other thing:  I really haven't heard the "Swift Boat" ads being disproven. Although I do commend John Kerry for serving in Vietnam for those four months.

Of course, to tell you the truth, I don't give a damn about that war. I'm more concerned about the War on Terror, and the Iraq war, which my best friend is leaving to go fight on October 1.  However, bringing us back to "Memogate" and "Rathergate," I for one feel Dan should resign.  He screwed up big time, and now CBS must suffer, since his error in the process proves the myth that the media is truly liberal. If you can't see that, you might want to get some glasses.  It may help you out some. I also think liberals need to get over their belief that they are always right.

I'm really sick and tired of hearing the "far-right this," and the "far-right that," "Oh, he's a Republican," "he's pro-life," "that's bad,'" or "he doesn't care about the poor people of America."  Well you know what, I care immensely. While I disagree with welfare and don't like the fact that kids are not living as well as they should, I believe it's wrong to force charity. Welfare also is not the best way to solve the poverty problem. If welfare could solve it, no one in this country would be poor. But that's the evil capitalist system for you, isn't it?

If you want to talk about helping people, we should find ways to get them out working, going to school, or at least some type of trade school. You know what else?  A job is a job. Who cares if you are working at McDonald's?  At least you're working. If you're going to school while supporting your family, the government should help in some way, but not by giving you free money. I can see providing some type of child care that is discounted.  

When it all comes down to it, we are not guaranteed happiness. We can pursue happiness. Why punish someone and tax them for being successful?  Why do we need to punish someone for meeting their goal?  Why must we bash and try to slam a President who has protected us for three-plus years?  I don't recall Clinton having had more than one personal attack throughout his two terms. I must also ask: Why didn't he go after the people who planned the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole?  It makes me wonder.  This is why I'm proud to say that Bush is a great President, and it's sad that liberals need to stoop as low as forging a memo.  It's petty, and you know what else?  A blogger discovered that, not some ethical media watch-dog group, whether private or governmental. A blogger found that out.

For my last words, thank God for the internet and the new "Blogger." The real media watch dog.