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Polish Death Camps to be deleted from history

 article about poland wants to delete history
Poland has (almost) outlawed mentioning anything related to Polish involvement in Holocaust. If the bill will be approved by the Poland's Senate and president, the use of the term "Polish death camps" or related can lead to penalty of three years in prison. Welcome to yet another Idiocracy!

While Israeli officials say that this law is a form of Holocaust denial and Polish officials say Poland is not co-responsible for Holocaust, they are both on the extreme ends of the discussion.

It's truly ridiculous that Poland is trying to pass such a law in the first place. While Polish officials might not like the terms "Polish death camp" or "Polish concentration camp", it's part of the history. It's a fact that they existed, it's a fact that they existed in Poland. And it's also a fact that they were run by Nazi Germany. Some Polish people definitely were happy to be part of it while many were not. The same applied also in most of the other countries. In some countries the choice was either to join one side or the other while both being bad options. Yes, looking back now, we know that Russia at that time was better than Germany, but if we consider for example the small country of Estonia, which was occupied by Russia when German forces came in, German's sort of looked like liberators to some. Today it might look weird, but it's always easier to look at history and understand it than it is to understand the current situation. I'm Estonian myself, one of my grandfather's was fighting on German's side, the other one on Russia's side, and well, the third option was pretty much to hide in the woods.

The point is, while both of them chose what they felt was best at the time, there's no point in saying in 2018 that they DEFINITELY weren't to blame for the actions of either side in Estonia. They were put in a difficult position, to choose one or the other side, neither of which they actually liked. They might not be to blame for anything, but that doesn't change the fact that they participated in it. And same applies to Poland. While the Polish government might have not been together with Germany, many individuals did fight with Germany, some actually liked to work with the Germans, and many at the same time were totally opposed to what was happening (and still, let's be honest, most of what was happening came out after the war ended). It's a fact that there were death camps in Poland. How, or even why, would anyone try to outlaw using those words? It's a fact.

Of course, then there's Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu who says that "I strongly oppose it. One cannot change history, and the Holocaust cannot be denied." While the bill is ridiculous, Polish officials are not trying to deny Holocaust, they are actually for some reason trying to remove any mention of Poland in it. Which, obviously, is also stupid. But it's not meant for the reason of changing history (while in the could result in that).

The Polish bill still needs approval from Poland's Senate and president. Hopefully it won't get it. They might want to say that all Poles were heroes during the war, but...let's be honest, independent of the war, independent of the country, there are always enough bad apples in it as well. So just stop it!

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