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We look barbaric before the pope

 article about Pope Francis
But when the Pope came to America, he stole the ears of the multitude offering a new way to be that many people yearn to live by.

Pope Francis came to America at a perfect time. The GOP's were already struggling in trying to connect with the American people. Donald Trump was the winning savior at the time because he offered new words people didn't hear from politicians. But when the Pope came to America, he stole the ears of the multitude offering a new way to be that many people yearn to live by.

I tried to follow the Pope but I literally got tired of not understanding his language and following the mundane voice of his interpreter. Sure he was sharing a lot of positive realities identifying the state the world is in but it really was irrelevant from the standpoint the world knew his truths all along yet chose to do exactly what it is doing today.

I must admit it was nice to see people do have the tendency to give reverence to a leader. I can't tell you the last time I saw or heard that. Forgive me for what I am about to say. Yes, the Pope moved in a way demanding respect, honor and yes reverence but I still can't get it out of my mind how such a foundation is known to be a great source of pedophilia. How do such a great man come from such a foundation unscathed?

See, I am not putting down the Catholic Church, I am just saying how do you bow down to someone from such a foundation whether he was involved or not. Like other institutions and foundations, it has proven to send mixed messages of what is best for people. How do you trust this message to be from God? Listening to him and his interpreter reminded me of being put under a spell. It was not the best feeling for me.

I did like the fact that his messages exposed the politicians here in America. His message had us looking like we are still in heathen mode killing and neglecting the weak. I will find it interesting to see how the republicans reestablish their ground after realizing the American people have been reminded how degrading our leadership has been and continue to be. The bottom line, people are starving for a new ground of reality and Trump seems to be the only one bringing this right now. How sad does it get?

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