Life is a paradox. The saddest truth is most of us either do not realize it, or are afraid to accept it, and so only a few live out their purpose. Longings to beat the odds and conquer life have carried humanity through its long history, though the methods have changed nowadays.


Taking a closer look, it is disturbing to note that even the basic truths are at stake. Everything ever made has a purpose of its own. While technology played its share, the fact that the difficult things are being made easily available, at the cost of the purpose, cannot be overlooked.          


Every eagle has its own sky to conquer, to spread its wings soaring high-beyond the horizon, far to the apex of success. The power, the glamour, the esteem and the magnificence all go with it, as long as the eagle has the courage to lose sight of the ground. Their mere survival is a challenging trek.


And then, there are the chicks. Confined to a farm, away from harm, quacking is all that it takes to get fed on time. No fighting. No flying. No fearing. Working against Natures ways is probably the most difficult route to success, but the one most of us find easily. While the techno-farm can feed us fat on time, it certainly curbs natural genius. Why the eagles are becoming obsessed with quacking, when their world is there for the taking, still remains an enigma.                                                            


We are environed with questions. We tend to barge into all possible doors to resolve the maze of life. It is not just a philosophical assertion that WE are the answers. We forget to knock on the door of our spirit, where all keys are secured.          

   We somehow make time to search the entire cosmos but neglect our souls.  

It is, of course a lifelong adventure, mysterious and misleading at times, yet the easiest way to conquer the world is by conquering self. Amazingly, most of us stick to the difficult path.


Nature made rules. Man made them rigid. Nature preached survival. MAN made it a struggle. When the truth of nature was manipulated, somehow the difficult ways got projected as the easier ones. Since then, most of us clung to this theory without the slightest idea of how easy and rewarding it is to pursue OUR PURPOSE. Indeed- Life is a paradox.