Years back I couldn't even smell whiskey. Or actually, I could smell it, but I would rather not. The reason being, obviously, the whiskey I had drank years before that. The whiskey that couldn't really be called a whiskey or even anything remotely close. Fortunately, recently a good friend of mine started drinking the good kinds, the single malt one, the great stuff. And after years of not even being able to smell whiskey, I was finally in heaven again.

Of course, me being more of a beer person, I couldn't say much about it. Well, in addition to it being good, bad, not drinkable, or great. This friend of mine still thinks I'm not really a good person to enjoy whiskey with, considering that whenever he asks for my opinion, I usually say that yeah, "it's okay." He kind of thinks I'm a waste of money. Hmm, now to think about it, I'm used to saying the same things about beer as well. In beer's case I'd probably just add one more version - warm p***.

In that sense my vocabulary doesn't seem to good, does it? Well, anyway, I'm kind of proud to say that I have finally found whiskey again, and slowly I'm again able to drink pretty much anything that is thrown my way. But I'm proud to say that fortunately I have learned from past mistakes and while I am able to drink everything, I decide not to.

However, lately my parents, whom I visit couple of times a year, seem to have started to think that I might be an alcoholic. No, I'm not drunk when I visit them. Well, not usually. Nor do I offer them alcohol whenever I'm there. And no, I don't ask for any either. However, they say it's my looks. Mmm, yeah, it sometimes might have something to do with the fact that I have worked the whole night before and look like a bum. But that's just one thing. The other is my clothing. The best t-shirt I had read something about drunk Finnish people and bordellos. Another one I've worn at home has an arrow on the front side pointing to my face, the word "Alcoholic" below it. And I guess, what you look is what you are or however the saying goes, at least in the eyes of people who don't see you daily.

I must admit I find it kind of funny. But the fact that for some reason the shirts have left my parents the impression that I'm an alcoholic has only convinced me to wear such t-shirts even more. Well, why the hell not. I sound like a bum anyhow, so why can't the looks be fitting. One way or another, if you're like me and if you're looking for some great drinking related shirts and other weird stuff, check out WearYourBeer.com for Jack Daniels merchandise or something else fitting enough for your next parents visit.