The truth is that while the "information age", in the minds of many, might have lessened the value of formal education in today's world, it's usually just a misconception. It's definitely true that you can find lots of information you need to get something done using the search engines. You don't know how to do your taxes? Google it! You don't know the best practices in teaching others? Google it! And you will find enough information about it. You don't know about health care related topics? Google it! You want to learn law? Google it and your wish will be His (search engine's, of course, what did you think?) command!

It's all true, but at the same time it's far from being enough. All that I mentioned above, is just extra. You need to get your base knowledge and put something in your brain, something you can be sure that is true, not assume that the random guy(s) writing the stuff in wikipedia has got it right. You can always study more and find everything in the internet, but how often do you really actually get smarter for doing that? How often do you find the motivation to actually study something at the same time while chatting in Facebook? And when it comes to actually getting a degree in something, even if you do think you have the knowledge, are you going to buy the degree? And if you want to get a job, what are you going to say in your application, that you just read the internet cover to cover? Yes, it's actually true that not in every field do you necessarily need to have formal education. However, in most fields of life you need a formal education to succeed (whatever that may mean to you) and in other fields at least some formal education in still preferred.

Besides the education part, university is far from being just for educating yourself. It's also to make new lifelong contacts, it's for becoming socially more active, it's to interact with people smarter than you, it's about the experience itself. Even though graduating is strongly suggested, even if you don't, you will have gained a lot from your years at the university. At least majority of you will.

And when should you go get your university degree? It doesn't matter. Yes, the earlier the better, but at the end of the day it's never too late to go and get a good education. Never. You can be just out of high school, you can be 65, you can be a working mother, a president of an international company or why not, active military. It's never too late or early to get yourself an education. And one place you could get it from is Ashford University. Ashford's community of students is exactly as described above - it's very vibrant consisting of people from all walks of life. To learn more about the people, the students there, don't hesitate to learn about the stories below.

Maybe Ashford is the place for you too?