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There's a popular saying that "family business stays behind closed doors". It goes without saying that someone should remind the family members of the Jackson clan of this. Recently we have seen a very public display of family fighting between Michael Jackson siblings and his children. More specifically there is allegations that one of Michael's children and one of their Aunt's were involved in a physical alteration. There is no doubt that this family is a well-known international family and there is a close watch on there every move. The issue here is not the discord that is currently going on within the family but the way that the matters are being handled. For a split second there was even speculation that Katherine Jackson was missing but a day later it was discovered that she retreated to Arizona for some simple R&R.

It's hard to compare this family to the "typical" family because of their notoriety and fame but I think it's still possible to help this family because in the end the underlying issues are normal typical family matters. Obviously the death of Michael Jackson was hard for the family and his children. Hopefully the children were put in some type of therapy due to the unexpected death of their father and because of the lifestyle change that occurred. These children were use to traveling in public under blankets, masks, etc but once their father passed away, the family decided to emerge them into a so called "normal" life. This change alone could be seen as a major adjustment for the children and hopefully they were guided through it with some professional assistance. Because of the structural change in the family, the family members as a whole should be in some type of family therapy in order to understand how to help the kids adapt to their new family dynamics. Hopefully the family will sit down with a specialist who can help the family decide how best to intervene and help the children through this difficult time.

Most families have a difficult time when their children face the death of a parent but when the children lose the only parent that they've ever known, it is the responsibility of the family to come in and support these children and make sure that they are raised in a loving and respectable manner. Of course we will never know the full story of what has occurred within the Jackson family but its important to be mindful of your own family and how hard it is to mange difficult times within your family unit.