I have always found it extremely annoying, when people criticize people and things they do not actually know. I have always thought that it is a reflection of their social or emotional IQ. Or however you like to call it. But recently I have reached a point, that has led me to think that maybe it has something to do with me. Though it is hard to believe that, it might just be true.

Let's take an example one of the most common ones. We, people, just love to criticize politicians. It seems all they do is hurt us. They make the wrong laws, they don't listen to us and they surely can' t be doing anything good. Well, that's what I hear around me anyway. To me, it sounds incorrect, to say the least. Do the critics imagine that the politicians are a different kind of humans? That they don't have emotions, that they come to work every morning wanting to do as many bad deeds as possible?
We want other people to understand us, yet we don't give them the benefit of doubt.
Sure, people have different views on different subjects, but is it really that hard to understand it? If we, voters, want different politicians (who, I might add, are just as human as we are), we vote. We mustn't criticize people for trying to do good within their thoughts and ideas. We want progress and unfortunately the majority see progress as change. Yes, change is often important but not when things are actually working well, maybe just not the way I" want it to. We want other people to understand us, yet we don't give them the benefit of doubt.

The situation in the world at the moment is extremely dangerous. Economic difficulties are causing people to become disillusioned with life. All of their dreams and hopes are becoming distant memories. Similar things have happened in the past and unfortunately they have usually resulted in wars and unmendable social problems. The people's pattern of behavior during such difficult times seems to be the same as it has been before. To put it in other words, we have changed but we haven't progressed. During the evolution, we have grown bigger and our IQ has risen, yet our social skills and our knowledge of how the human world works has decreased. We just don't seem to be interested in that anymore. It is change, but is it also progress?

Ahh, yes, so then I thought that probably it has something to do with me, that I often don't agree with critique. Well, I lied.