The great question is why the great secret? On June 4 1963, President Kennedy signed into law, Executive Order 11110. Executive Order 11110 returned to the government of the United States the specific right for the Treasury Department to create and issue currency by issuing silver certificates against silver bullion. Two dollar and $5 bills were circulated but $10 and $20 bills were never circulated as they were still being printed at the time that Kennedy's was assassinated.

This action posed a threat to the Federal Reserve as under Constitutional law, it is illegal for the Fed to issue notes as currency, a nefarious scheme perpetuated by a small group of international financiers back in 1913 when the a private firm, Federal Reserve Banking System, was illegally created. These silver certificates were interest free and debt free currency issued by the public institution of the United States as proscribed by the U.S. Constitution.

This of course would be in direct competition to the Federal Reserve, a private institution that issues their own United States Notes backed by fiat money and factious credit via cooking the books bookkeeping methods that were indeed, while illegal in full and powerful control of monetary and economic policies of the United States government and its citizens.

It is the long held belief that the Federal Reserve would never relinquish its powerful position without a ferocious fight to enslave the American people and eventually control the world under its goals for New World Order. These are a cabal of extremely wealthy and powerful individuals formed up into an international financial organization operating under the various names of the Round Table, The City, The Council of Foreign Relations and the nefarious Federal Reserve. Their objectives are to have all property, industry, agriculture, communications, transportation, education and political affairs under their control.


The secret of President Kennedy's assassination lies in these facts:

(1) After November 22, 1963, these silver certificates were immediately withdrawn as the legal currency of the United States. There are bodies buried out there and no one dares to talk about it or investigate it.

(2) He openly defied the Federal Reserve and challenged their power and authority.

(3) This could not be allowed to stand, as it would have prevented the national debt to rise to its current levels where payment for the interest alone on T-Bills held by citizens both foreign and domestic but more importantly, the Fed itself, is over 360 Billion annually or more simply, one billion dollars a day, paid for by the U. S. Taxpayer. These silver certificates gave the U.S. Government the ability to repay its debt (to itself cause by reckless borrow-and-spend fiscal policies, without being charged interest rates.

(4) The instigator, President Kennedy, was forcefully and dramatically eliminated (probably by the Mafia) to demonstrate the power and determination of the Federal Reserve organization, the silver certificates were quietly withdrawn from circulation and everyone and everything was hushed up by the demonstrated fear of fatal reprisals.

(5) In simple language, Executive Order 11110 would destroy the profits, power and control of the private institution, The Federal Reserve. This they would not allow to happen.

(6) Executive Order 11110 has never been repealed, amended or superceded and is in fact still on the books as law of the land.

These facts and information are on record at the Federal Register and at the Library of Congress. The American people had better wake up, it may already be too late!

The great mystery of 1963 remains the whys and wherefores of President John Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 which authorized issuance of Silver Certificate United States notes of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 bills.The great question remains, questions in face of threat to "eliminate" no one cares to investigate.

1 - President Kennedy did not just sit quietly in his Oval Office Desk to write out E O 11110. He has experts, attorneys, writers and staff members to do his bidding. Who were these silent but all knowing staff members? One comes to mind, James J. Saxon, Comptroller of Currency for the Kennedy administration.

2 - Workers at the Mint printing office can certify (a) Issuance of one and five dollar bills; (b) Orders received to stop printing the 10's and 20's; (c) the destruction of printed currency and engraving plates.

3 - Some astute citizens may have handled the one and five dollar bills in circulation and noted the Silver Certificate Note. Perhaps even some collectors have a few in their possession even today. They are very distinctive as they bear the notation "United States Silver Certificate vs that of all the paper currency with the Federal Reserve Note imprinted.

4- Every member of the congress since 1963 has been a partner to this conspiracy and has been guilty of malfeasance in office, negligence of duty to up hold the laws of the land, something they are sworn by oath of office to do. They are guilty of willfully ignoring the welfare of the nation and its people.

5 - No one will touch this delicate mater, reporters, editors, the media, elected officials, private citizens and organizations as they recognize their very lives and that of their families lie in the balance. Witness the power and reach of the Federal Reserve to not only assassinate the President but also to frame all the investigations to the wrong conclusions, including medical autopsies and records. MAGIC BULLET INDEED!

After November 22nd in 1963, those one and five dollar bills (of the United States Silver Certificate Notes) were instantly recalled by the one great power to do so, this was of course, the Federal Reserve as the central and controlling banking system in America. At the same time, those ten and twenty dollar bills currently being printed at the U. S. Mint were discontinued printing and the "stock" and engraved plates were destroyed. This again was the most secret orders and activity of the Fed.

6 - The Federal Reserve is entirely an illegal organization, conceived and adopted by a corrupt congressional action in direct violation of the United States Constitution which carefully spells out that the congress alone "has the power to coin money and declare the value thereof." The Federal Reserve operates using fiat money and facetious credit via "cooking the books" electronic bookkeeping that while illegal, has full and powerful control of the currency and economic policies of the United States government and its citizens.