If you are one, be careful. You are living in an absolute danger zone. I tell you, it's a curse to be a popular and well known person in our world today. See what happened to Tiger woods? Many sports men who travel abroad and spend a few days in several countries do what Woods had done and no one knows a thing about their extramarital affairs. But when poor Tiger woods opted for some fun, he got caught .The news was flashed on all newspapers the world over. As a result, the golf wizard had to make profuse apologies to his wife in order to save his marriage. In recent times, a prominent film actress too from Chennai, India, got into serious trouble for expressing a personal opinion.

Smashing Beauty (Name changed), hence forth referred as SB, had said in an interview for some magazines in the city that she was not at all averse to people having pre-marital sex. It was her personal belief and perhaps she herself had jumped into a few shots before her own marriage ! And that's all. Poor SB couldn't show her face outside in public. The newspapers and all magazines were vying for her head. The lawyers in Chennai – they had taken the role of Moral policemen – took up cudgels and framed 22 criminal charges against her on this one issue. I don't know how they found 22 different sections in the Indian Penal code to write out the charge sheet. However, the case went to the High court, which reserved its judgment on a special leave petition filed by SB.

SB in the meantime appealed to the Supreme court for quashing the case. The Apex court took a different view altogether. "How is it an offence?" one of the senior judges thundered at the prosecution lawyer. "Can't a man sleep with a woman? Can't two people have live-in arrangement? How is it an offence? By which section? Isn't living together their right?"

Continuing the grilling on the counsel, another judge observed , "In a free and democratic society like India , everybody has the freedom to express his/her opinion on an issue when debated publicly. How does it concern you? At most, it is a personal conviction. How is it an offense? Under which provision of the law"

The poor High court counsel didn't know where to hide his face and take refuge from the SC onslaught.

To add fuel to the fire, the court also pointed out that even Lord Krishna (a Hindu god) lived with Radha without officially marrying her, according to the Hindu mythology. If gods could do it, why not our Indian mortals?"

So, the case was quashed and SB is now a master of free expression. She is all praises for the supreme court. Probably she is not aware that the Supreme court looks at every case through coloured glasses known as the ‘Constitution angle.' The Indian constitution protects the individual's personal rights and so their verdict in this issue is perfectly in order.

But then, in India we have an unwritten moral law and by and large everyone adheres to it. One could violate it only at one's own peril. Pre marital sex is a big taboo in our land. Some 50 to 60 years back, an young man and an young woman were not permitted to be seen together anywhere and all by themselves. If a girl dared, she earned a bad reputation for herself and no one would accept her for a bride. Things have changed and these days they do ogle away in parks, beaches and on roads as well. If the respective liberal minded parents had permitted such a freedom, they would have also cautioned them not to exceed the permissible limit of physical intimacy. Yet some go in for sex on the quiet but over 60% don't and keep themselves pure until the marriage day.

If by some chance, the girl becomes pregnant after her experimental pre marital sex, her future is completely doomed especially after she undergoes an abortion.
What is likely to happen if they give in to the temptation at some weak moment? The girl would know immediately that she had done something wrong against the Indian tradition. Suppose the groom, on the nuptial night, asks a simple question such as, "Have you any previous sex experience?" If the bride lies, the husband will come to know some day and that may be the beginning of the break up. If she admits and the groom himself is not a virgin, they may laugh off and forget it. But if the groom happens to be a hard core virgin himself who expects his bride to be a virgin too, they may take a long time to reconcile. And most important, the first night event itself might end in a fiasco.

If by some chance, the girl becomes pregnant after her experimental pre marital sex, her future is completely doomed especially after she undergoes an abortion. She may have to spend the rest of her life as a lonely woman or become a second wife to a widower with 3 children.

These are the likely fall outs SB. So, don't gloat over the Supreme court's award and recommend free sex to all young persons. It would be wrong and is full of life long pitfalls. Taking precaution through condoms and pills is no solution. Don't forget, the bride has to answer a delicate question. And these days the Indian bachelors want pure virgins who don't even know the spelling for sex.

While you may be supportive of premarital sex, will you also please tell the girls about the live dynamite attached to it?

I would say from my side to all the charming maidens who are itching for a pre-marital taste of the forbidden fruit, "Don't. Wait. There is more joy in deferring the immoral adventure . Remember, to delay is to increase the pleasure.." Let us not copy the practices of the West where everything is permissible including becoming a single mother. But not in India.

Shall we stick to our Indian ethics the Supreme court's decision not withstanding !