As we near the choosing of a new President of the United States, the world is going to see the heart of America.  Already the old tactics of attempting to control our minds is in action.  We are to see too much Obama and not enough McCain.  Also, we are to entertain the strong possibility of assassination.  I have one question:   If there was no more campaigning, who would you vote for?

We are at that phase in the game where worldly programmers are working their games on our intellect.  They have it down to a fine art.  If we were smart, we would not watch or listen to the news for at least a month to keep our conscious uninhibited of subliminal programming now taking place.   Look at where we are today America.  Do we want to reemphasize this state of existence by voting for the wrong man for president?  Can we survive another Republican president?  We had one for two terms.  Our country is a disgrace to itself and the world.  I hear people attempting to see Obama as the anti-Christ simply because he offers hope.   Excuse me; we need hope because right now as it stands we are self-destructing in every area of human power in our country.

For instance, the church made sure Bush was reelected with no concern for our wellbeing.  Our education system from elementary school to college is failing to fulfill its promises to give hope for a positive future because there are no jobs and in some cases no decent education for minorities of various races.  The government has not made it a priority that justice prevails in the judicial system and medical needs for its people are unjust as well.  Our presidents can treat this country like it is a huge video game for them to feed their ego in doing whatever he want with no repercussions.  Over all, we need to take a realistic look at our upcoming fate.  Are we going to jump on the opportunity for moral and spiritual renewal or are we going to continue to suffer accepting abuse?

Yes, America is being abused mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  There is no reason for us to be unable to take care of our self without borrowing money from other nations.  We should not have to strip our country of its resources to prosper our families.  We are all over the world sacrificing lives of decent offspring that should be at home strengthening our nation.    The world is watching us bleed to death mainly due to greed and selfishness.  If we do not let a new spirit into our leadership, spirit will die here and we may very well become slaves to other nations in more ways than one.

If you are going to watch the political games, turn down your volume and look at the politicians.  Allow your own gut feelings to tell you the truth.   Words right now are only spoken to crowd our minds with thoughts with no constructive end.  Remember, another meaning for politics is MIND CONTROL TACTICS.   For once, let a selfless spirit lead us.   Trust me, there is a spirit erupting and it has a lot of DARK smoke.