Forget about Clinton, Obama and Mclain.  They are not gods nor are they responsible for our future.  We the American people are responsible for the hell we are in.

If we ever are going to have peace, equality and the pursuit of happiness without corruptible restraints, we are going to have to hold leadership accountable to their choices to represent our needs and future development.  It is time we stop allowing the media to dictate our perceptions of these individuals.  In reality there is no more to know and no more for them to say.  All that is happening now is a game to see how confused we can become in our choices.  If we do not live in their lives, we do not know them.  All our conclusions are not real even the best ones.  We just do not know these people just like you do not know me.  Yet, I too am alive and have perceptions.

What more is there to say?  Honestly, we know what our main problem is.  We lack the ability to have a unified purpose to save and improve the existence of the human race.  Because of this fallacy, leadership is chosen based on impossible fulfillments.  We do not need another president to stand before us like a puppet and carry out the wishes of those in power to dictate what the American people can and can not have.  It is obvious it is not the president that is destroying America; it is the people with the most money and need to keep people oppressed.  These people control what we need most and we know who they are.

If the little guy (quote unquote) was to stop worshipping idols and stop giving his power away to people who do not care anything about them, many celebrities and public figures would lose their prestige.  Large numbers of little people keep lesser numbers of rich folks rich and greedy.  And, the sad thing about it, these rich and greedy people does not appreciate the little guy.  Greedy people are the weaker people.  This can easily be proven by keeping our money out of their pockets.  It is their fear that there is not enough to go around that keeps America in a state of corruption.  They know they need the average person more than the average person needs them.  This is why they create a foundation to control oil, water, air, food, medications, jobs etc.  If the day would ever come that the human race wakes up and realizes life does not have to be tormenting and always in a state of survival, we can then have hope of a productive and constructive future for our children and ourselves as well.

We do not need anymore negative information about our potential president.  We need to wake up to the reality that without good there is no hope.  It is time for America to stop living in darkness.  "In God We Trust" was not put on money for no reason.  And, it was not for religious reasons.  It was put there to establish a foundation to choose best; to go high in all our choices as individuals and as a collective species.  Can we choose wisely?