I am always the first to admit I am not much about political issues but I do have feelings about some aspects of it.  How could I not have some kind of views? The candidates are making sure the American people are conscious of them.  I have seen their faces and I tell you, some of them are looking very weary.  The weariness makes me wonder if all the campaigning is worth their health.  Then I wondered why they look so weary is it because they are driven by some kind of psychological madness to gain power or are they actually fighting off demons of corruption.  Whatever their reasoning for aging for this moment in history I know that look is not encouraging me to vote for them.

                With this in mind, I wonder what is actually happening with this campaign thing.  We see fro m past experiences that candidates fight to beat out their competitors to get to the White House.  After all that selling of their souls to bless America, we have learned America has been deceived and whipped in so many ways after the competitive party is over.  Promises are broken and more suffering has been inflicted upon us year after year.  We don't know who to trust anymore yet we are letting candidates seduce again as though they really care about people and their needs.  Since we do know presidents can bring us great grief, we should really be honest with ourselves as we become a part of this worldly game.  The first thing every American person should ask themselves is: WHO WOULD GOD CHOOSE FOR PRESIDENT?

                It is no doubt that we honestly do not know what is best for ourselves.  Trusting our judgment of candidates has proven to be quite dangerous for America.   Like the alcoholic and drug addict, we must get in tune with a higher power as we attempt to choose a leader to turn this country around.  Relying on appearances and promises is not going to save us from doom.  This time, we must bring spirit into this moment of history.  Religion is not the answer.  We need to get in touch with spirit---that part of ourselves not engulfed in worldly requirements.  If we don't, we may very well self-destruct.

                Looking at our running candidates, we must really look at how they handle their home life.  Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.  No candidate sacrificing their spouse's and children's needs should be trusted.  If you neglect your own for personal gain, then you will sacrifice anybody for future gain including innocent people who trusted you with their lives. 

                God represents BEST.  What is best for us today?  We cannot have the best divided against themselves and expect for them to come together for our greatest good.   It just doesn't work like that.  Candidates should know who is best for the building of a great nation.  They should be able to look at other candidates and know who they should join not go up against.  If the best cast out one another, we are left with worse.  No one wants to embrace their competitor and come together in love and work together.  It does not work like that because the competition creates envy and strife.  Their crawls will always hold past ills of judgment projected by each opponent to win over the other.

                The reality of the seriousness of knowing what is best for us can not be ignored.  We must look at the simplest truths to know who God would choose for president not the long and drawn out plans and promises created from the human mind to win our votes.  Would you want a president who sacrifices their family for the sake of others?  Or would you really know that is what they are doing?