Today, I see the confusion of identifying what it takes to be a man.  There was a time all a man had to do was provide for his family while his wife and children remain home.  Now, women can provide for themselves, the role of the man has experienced misplacement.  What does it actually takes to be a real man?  The world will have you believe it is how thick your pockets are with money and how high you are on the ladder of success. Yet, not even this has proven to be peace of mind for the majority because women can compete right beside them. 

One minute a woman say she wants a sensitive and gentle man, one who listens and talks with them.  They want a man that knows what she needs at all time whether it be a back rub, intimacy, etc.,In many cases it is seen as a sign of weakness and consider him a wimp.  On the other hand, some women claim to want a rough neck, someone macho and tough.  When they get one of these, the price is usually abusive or lack in nurturing and love.  So, what do a man be to be considered a REAL MAN?

I personally would want a man like Moses at least he would not be judging me by appearance but by who I am and what I know.  Moses was a REAL man.  You do not find too many men in the world today like him.  Who would walk away from a woman adorn with riches and a palace where he was highly favored by the King?  Who would walk away from a birthright where you could rule a nation to receive the  birthright of a slave?  All was given up just because he wanted to reclaim his name, mother and family. This man did not know his family but he respected his blood line. THIS IS A REAL MAN.

Men, learn from Moses to how to choose a wife.  He was offered to choose among sisters who were young girls, women and an older woman.  All were beautiful.  Moses did not choose based on sight.  He chose the elder woman that was offered to him because she had wisdom and strength.  This woman was able to keep her family strong.  It was not about breasts, looks, hair, weight and prestige.  She had a spirit of God that shined through her eyes and this too won his heart.  Men, not by sight but by spirit choose your wife that your days upon the earth will be filled with much comfort and love.  THIS IS A REAL MAN.

Moses was an honest man.  He did not talk to God as though he would strike him dead.  Moses let God know he did not care to serve a god that would have his people in bondage. His honesty was honored and respected by God.  Hearing about this God, Moses went seeking for him with all his heart and mind.  The desires of his heart were fulfilled as God appeared before him and took him in his bosom. His life became God's presence in the world.  THIS IS A REAL MAN.

A real man knows the world does not want him to believe in the simplicities of life.  Because if he did, he would be a free man who finds honor in being a husband and father.  This man would be hard to find because he would be at home instead of competing with a system that seeks to destroy him and his seed.  A REAL MAN knows without God he is nothing. This world only promises to love him to death.  Real man look at what you are doing.