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 article about WHY DO YOU NEED A TATTOO?

Sometimes I wonder why people find it necessary to mar their skin with tattoos.  What are they saying?  Are they revealing to us that they would like to join in on the "What's Happening Today" list.? I believe it goes much deeper than that.

I personally believe people are marring their skin with tattoos due to subconscious reasons.  It appears it is a cry for attention.  They want people to look at them and see how special and different they are than others. I don't believe tattoo wearers believe people hear them so they make their statements loud and clear on their bodies.

I remember when motorcycle gangs would tattoo themselves.  It was the macho thing to do.  Now you have women wearing tattoos to show how much they love someone including their children.  They even use tattoo images to provoke sexual arousal. Some women have them on the upper part of their butts just below their backs to draw attention to their bodies.  Low cut pants and skirts are designed just for this luring purpose. 

The need for tattoos also reveals the tendency of feeling just as you are is not good enough nor attractive enough to draw the opposite sex to you. I often wondered why celebrities go crazy covering their bodies with endless tattoos.  I could only conclude, in the backs of their minds, they are competing with one another to see who has the most impressive tattoos.  They also seem to need to have control over something that is theirs.  Their bodies are marred to make a statement: this is my body and no one owns it nor can anybody tell me what to do with it. 

How does one feel after the completion of receiving their tattoos?  I believe for that moment no matter how painful it is, a feeling of satisfaction is experienced.  Right then, they have altered their birthright to have the body God gave them.  A power surge for sure.  Now, the world will know something about them without having to say a word.  See world, look at me; this is about me and who I am.

Are tattoo wearers really individualizing themselves? Or have they fallen to the ways of the world in keeping up with fads?

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