I hear celebrities and very successful people tell the world they owe everything they are today to God.  Even our President says God is whom he depends on daily.  My question is:  Would we have known they believed in God if they had not told us?

I've watched great gifts from God given to ordinary people turn out to be shallow talents once the world took over their lives.  I remember watching boys playing Pee Wee football with much zeal and excitement. They continued playing football through their high school years.  Eventually, their gifts turned to talent as the world demanded more and more of them to meet their requirements.  I admire my son, Marcus.  He had a full scholarship to play football for a college.  He learned quickly their program was trying to strip away his gift that got him there in the first place.   He didn't let them do it. He gave back the $100,000.00 scholarship and continued his education.

When money is the ultimate goal for your efforts, your projection is shallow, hollow and eventually undesired.  Take a singer like Aretha Franklin, who today can stand next to her without modern technology synthesizing their voices?  Who today can sing so deeply from the soul, tears come to your eyes just listening to their voice?  Many singers today are screaming and revealing limited talent. The love of singing is seldom felt.  Their gift becomes the talent that brings money.  This determination cuts the power that comes with the gift.  They become normal and numb entertainers. 

What comedian today can reveal talent like Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Red Fox, etc? They made people laugh until their stomachs ached. They didn't have to talk vulgar or act unseemly.  People say anything for money now no matter how disrespectful it is.

There will never be another Michael Jordan.  No basketball player today could touch him if they were in his era.  Why?  It is because Jordan loved the game.  His eye stayed on the ball even when he made a lot of money.  Today's players stay on the money then the ball.  We get less entertainment and individuality. 

The world has learned to lure us in so many ways to take our money.  All means of service is a risk once our money is released.  We can't trust some people close to us.  They lead us to believe we are special and they care about us; at least until they get what they want. After that, we mean nothing to them until a need occurs.

The world has turned humans into being just a means of selfish gain.  The faster we move the less human we are becoming.  There is no time for love and nurturing one another.  We have to get more money.  THAT IS THE PRIORITY.

The human soul is lacking pure and clean excitement because it always has to cringe about something going on in the world that is heartless and selfish.  Money is only a means of exchange, yet we make it so much more.  People kill and judge their self-worth by it leaving God totally out of the equation of their livelihood. 

Our soul's reality is revealed in destructive video games downright valueless.