What is it with Men? What makes it so difficult to say 'no' to corruption? Greed perhaps? Lack of self-esteem? Fear?


The likes of Bush, Howard, and Cheney, working things to meet their own political ends; the world's dictators, and even the Vatican. Where does it end? Even Tony Blair has been sucked in. If he had been honest about the HMS Cornwall incident, his sailors would now be back home and not forced to eat humble pie in Iran. He brought that on all by himself! It seems an honest mistake was made, why couldn't he admit it, instead of waffling on and continuing to lie? If he cannot see that, then its time he retired and wrote his memoirs.


The Vatican is a different kettle of fish. The world's most profitable business – Religion. The wealth this so-called do-good religion has is nobody's business. All that wealth would go a very long way to helping the world's poor. What are they keeping it for? It can only be one thing - Power! That wealth would not only feed the people, it would also help to teach them how to live and survive in their drought-stricken lands. And it goes without saying about the poverty stricken people in their own country. I do not know how they can live with themselves, using God to satisfy their own conscience. Why on earth does a 'religion' that is 'supposed' to love God need all that money when 'the people' need it more? Next question…


Then you have the petty bickering of the Middle East. It is about time they grew up, worked together and stop behaving like children. Again, greed and religion are causing most of the problems. Then you have people like Bush who have their own personal agenda – I won't go there; that is a whole issue in itself.


It is not the people of these countries that are the problem, it is the governments. They way politics is organised now, no 'normal' good person stands a chance of being able to 'honestly' rise to government and work for their people. So many lies and deceptions are told that no-one knows who or what to believe anymore. That is a worry.


When will 'the people' stop being sheep and giving over their power to the few who betray it? It is time 'the people' took their power back and started using it – wisely, but using it all the same.


I have nothing against men, just the opposite in fact, there are many that I admire, but Corruption, Lies, Dishonesty, Greed and downright cowardly behaviour do not sit well with me – or most decent people for that matter. There are no excuses. None.


And yes, we need more women in politics – Maggie Thatcher 'the Iron Lady'. She had to be or she would have been destroyed by men who just cannot handle a woman holding their own power. She has still suffered health-wise from those years as Prime Minister of the U.K. Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand is honest and forthright, and yes, she will still have to battle with 'men' who cannot handle that to hold her own.


This little mag, humble as it may be, also needs people who speak out, who stand up and be counted, hard-hitting journalists such as Henk Luf and Lue Deck who tell it as it is. Little though we may be, we say what we think, and bow to no-one.


If you want to have your say - stand up and be counted! Be brave enough to stand by your convictions.


All comments are welcome…



Linda Lycett