Today we exist in a world filled with lonely people who have not developed their total being.  They are conscious only of their lustful desires to have orgasms.  There is no end to what measure they will go for gratification.  The Bible tells us we are to be more than the animals.  The sexual bondage our young people are engulfed in today is a direct result of the lustful spirit found by irresponsible adults.

Our clergymen have proven that the greatest urge in the world is the sexual urge.  People today live for orgasms.  They do not live to love or be loved.  One of the problems we face is the size of our genitals.  When they do not meet the expectations of the overly sexed craze person we have allowed into our lives, we turn over and let them into our anus.  Yes, our anus, that part of our bodies where fleece is released.  We allow our anus to be a means of sexual pleasure at the risk of developing diseases and malfunctions of other organs.

Anal sex is revealing our inability to develop as more than animals.  Lusts of the flesh have prominence over our need to develop spiritually and mentally.  Is it the size of the penis and the vagina forcing people to settle for the exit of our waste products?  The war in Iraq has already revealed the limited progress of human conscious but to want to penetrate someone's anus really reveals humanity is leaning towards being heathens. 

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be between two people who would like to procreate not for people who choose to use each other like monkeys in hopes that once they have an anal orgasm life will be better.  Shame on you, turn around and deal with your demons.