This country amazes me how it decides what is an issue. Homosexuality has become such a hot item. It
is as though we have just discovered that same sexes are attracted to
each other and it has to stop before it gets out of control. The Bible tells us, there is nothing new under the sun. Homosexuality is here to stay. What are we going to do?

America, the home of the free and the brave, is trembling at the thought that its foundation is being invaded by gays and lesbians. They are banding together to fight same sex marriages in the hope that legislators will stop it.

received a phone call from a woman with three children reminding me our
nation was established under one God who does not condone homosexuality
and I must vote against it if I don't believe in it. Her
fear is that if our country accepts same sex marriages, sexual activity
among married couples and singles will get out of control, leaving the
marriage institution pretty much like a zoo. Her fear goes so far as to believe that people will seek more rights in marriage. People could legally have a right to marry as many people as they want and have sex throughout all the marriages.

I couldn't believe she invaded my space with her fears. I
think what got me the most about this is the fact that we take time out
to band together against a person's choice to love whoever their choose
over the deceit of politicians making insane decisions destroying lives.

sad thing about all of this is the fact that once again we have fallen
for the oldest trick in the book - divide and conquer. That's right. We have been had again. At first it was racism, religion, age, financial status, anything that causes one human to go against another. While we are attacking each other, bureaucrats are getting away with destroying our country. What about dealing with the fact that we are heading towards a loveless country?

Don't you know as long as we are alienated from one another, we are our own worst enemy. We are destroying America. Foreigners know it. They stick together waiting for the day when America hits rock bottom. Instead of worrying about who somebody is sleeping with, you need to worry about who is incapable of love.


Our leaders today are loveless creatures. This is why they can make such inhumane decisions founded upon greed. They don't care about homosexuality, they just want you to care so that you will not focus in on what the real problems are in this country. If we don't come together, we are not going to make it. Homosexuality is the least of my worries. My concern is can we stop the sell out of our nation by its leaders. Come on America, wake up. You're being had!