First of all in order for rich folks to have a game, there has to be some poor folks. Rich among rich can only stand each other so long because egos are always working towards more.

What happens once a rich man has consumed all he can consume? Does he head towards controlling the lives of others or does he go somewhere and relax?

I imagine if you have the power
to have anything, and everything, you want, after a while, you either
find sources to give or take from. After all, money must keep moving.

When I look at our country
(USA) and the way we handle greed, it would not surprise me if America
ends up delivered on a silver platter to another country while the
sellers leave the country and take their riches with them.

The Bible asks: What profit a man to gain the world and to lose his soul?(Luke 9:25) Is there any way of absorbing the financial riches of this country without losing your soul?

In all games, you win or lose. What is the determining factor to whether you win or lose when it comes to your soul? I believe it would be based on the players understanding of God. If they have a limited consciousness of God, they will forget their connection to their fellow man. They would become a god unto themselves forgetting the need of having a God, though acknowledging one for societal purposes.

During the election, it was the church who determined who would win. Yes, it was the church. What game was it playing in its selectivity? Was it the promise of a tax break on the accumulated riches received from the less fortunate?

Are they going to jump in the boat when it is time to vacate the country? After
all, at the rate this country is moving, the vultures are circling as
the final stages of robbing us of all our money, which is then being
diverted towards the war in Iraq and any other external expenses our
government chooses to 'invest' our money in, knowing we are a dying
country, and therefore, doomed to be ruled by other countries.

When people are playing the
game of riches to this level of greed, you have no homeland and in some
cases you have no family, only people who feed your egos. In the Rich Folks Game, the heart is far from choice. The reason for their mere existence is getting more and more at any cost; but always needing the poor.

Its amazing how one rich person can restore the damage our government has done to our resources, but it will never happen. The ego is against it. Why should he or she do it anyway? It was the hard working people here that made it possible for them to be free.

The Bible says: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24). I wonder why?