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As the court cases mount and the damages bills are likely to venture into the billions, Toyota must getting a bit worried about the overall effect on its long-term prospects worldwide.

I am going to add a bit to those worries with the call that all sales of Toyota product be suspended until such time the company can prove that its products are safe to use which, at this point in time, Toyota cannot.

In my view, Toyota has been treated way too lightly by regulators given the circumstances of some of the incidents that have, in some cases, cost people their lives, just because they were driving a Toyota.

Brake failures, unintended acceleration and numerous other faults causing damage, injury and deaths have plagued the various Toyota brands in the US, Europe as well as in other countries. The problem being that, while Toyota has promised a lot in terms of rectifying the problems as well as compensating those on the receiving end of these lemons, the company has come up with no evidence that things have in fact been rectified thus, at least, being a candidate for lemon status.

In the past, while a bit overpriced in terms of value for money, Toyota had a good reputation in terms of reliability and quality. Sadly though, given the recent circumstances, this can no longer be the case and as I mentioned, Toyota should prove that its product are safe.

Until such time, a 'withdraw from sale notice' or a customer boycott is more than warranted.
Like it or not.

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