Combined with a great ambiance and glamorous rooms, playing in a casino is a thrilling experience even if there are substitutes to landbased casinos such as http://unibetmobile.co.uk. Needless to say, making casinos part of your travel experience is another story especially when you love playing in these gambling dens. Exploring a new place is definitely an exciting activity and the same thing goes for new casino games. If unusual games are something that you are looking forward to, here are some suggestions as to cool casino game and where to try it.

Sic Bo

This is a Chinese gambling game which translates to dice pair and it happens to be a very fun game. This is a favorite among a lot of casino players and it doesn't matter whether you are a high roller or a low roller. One of the things why this is such a favorite is the fact that you will have a lot of betting options. For those who are always in Las Vegas, this game can be found in NYNY and it can also be played in the Bellagio but be forewarned that this game is not always open. For those who are planning to drop by Macau, the game is quite popular here and one of the best venues to enjoy this card game is the Venetian. In other Asian countries, the game is also known as hi lo.

Chuck a Luck

 article about 3 Unusual Games That You Should Try

This is actually another dice game where you can bet on the outcome. This game is believed to have originated in a British pub and no one can deny that this game is a very lively one. This game is also very friendly even for beginners who know nothing about the game. Plus, the payouts for this kind of game are quite high. Most of the first class casinos have this game but if you want to make sure that you will be able to play this game, you should head off to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Pai Gow

 article about 3 Unusual Games That You Should Try

Blackjack and Craps are fast paced games and although you can win a lot of money here, you can also lose an outrageous amount. For those who are interested in a game with a slower pacing, Pai Gow is just the casino game to play and you will not lose a fortune over it. This game is also known as Double Handed Poker and Asian Poker. The primary objective in this game is to beat the banker. The basics of the game are quite similar to poker and once you become comfortable with the rules, you can relax and enjoy the game. This game also happens to be one of the most widely played in US casinos. The Golden Nugget and Palms in Vegas as well as other major gaming establishments have this game. You can also find it in Atlantic City Casinos. Variations of this game also exist but the basics are the same.

One good way to have fun on your vacation is to try something new and exciting. If you happen to have a fancy for casinos, the tables and games will surely catch your attention. And to add more fun to the mix, you should try your hand in these unusual games and see how you do. Casinos might get a lot of people hooked despite the fact that the games which are played are repetitive but it would be definitely awesome to try new games. With the wide array of options open to you on the casino floor, you won't run out of choices but it would still be cool to consider these games which are starting to get a lot of interest.