A home is a person's own castle, whether it's a palace or simply cottage or a motorhome or a caravan, it is important for the owner to secure his home. Nowadays, especially in the U.K., more and more families are enjoying the perks of travelling while traversing the country abode a caravan or a motorhome. In UK, there are even two caravan clubs that caravanners join for the various facilities they offer, some of which include exclusive club sites, advice, insurance, preferential rates and community activities.

While some travellers enjoy the well suited accommodations and comfort of hotels, others like to bring the comforts of home with them whilst travelling. This is one of the major features of caravans and motorhomes. It is the traveller's home on wheels. Since it is a home, it is important for travellers to insure its safety. Safety can take many forms. It speaks of vehicle safety, passenger safety and other matters relating to the success of the trip. The following are safety measures that a travellers should consider while on a trip abode his caravan or motorhome.

Things to do and remember while on the move
  • Constant check-up. It's always important for a traveller to constantly have his motorhomes or caravans serviced by experts. Always check the breaks if it's working. This way the traveller can be assured that the vehicle is in good condition to meet road challenges.
  • Don't forget maps and compasses. It's always important to know the travelling destinations. The traveller should at least know that main roads that connects to other less known highways. This way, the traveller can easily navigate the area in case he gets lost. The traveller must bring with him maps or compasses to guide him during the trip.
  • Pack batteries and other emergency kits. When one is at home, it's always advisable to have batteries stored. Also, have emergency kits including medicines, food packs or meal ready-to-eat (MREs) and thermal blankets, just to name a few.
  • Avoid fire hazards situations. The worst enemy that a traveller can face is fire. One of the necessary features of caravans and motorhomes is the kitchen where the traveller can engage to basic cooking activities. For this reason it is always important for the traveller to keep a fire extinguisher handy. Avoid blocking air vents. Never use petrol, paraffin or diesel when lighting the stove and avoid using a cooker or a heater while the vehicle is on the move.
  • Get detected. Motorhomes and caravans must have built-in or attached smoke detectors or carbon-monoxide detectors to make sure that no gas is leaking.
  • Always watch weather advisory on the area. Other than navigating the main highways and minor routes, the traveller must always keep watch of the weather advisory in the area. This way, the traveller can steer clear from storms or other weather disturbances
  • Get insured. The most important thing is to get insurance covering the motorhome or caravan. Some insurance companies offer travel insurance covering any risks that the vehicle might encounter during travelling.

So, to travel with complete peace of mind, consider a good insurance a must.