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Online charity that helps students in need, partnership with KIA

 article about KIA Motors America
To become a "respected global corporate citizen" should be the goal of any major company. And with this title also come the responsibility to contribute for a better future. How it is done exactly, depends on a number of factors, but one recent example how it could be done, is Kia's partnership with

Of course, campaigns like that are not launched only for the good of the community, they definitely work good as publicity campaigns as well. But the fact is that all, or at least most, good deeds get recognition, and so they should.

In case of Kia, their growth has been quick and one of their core values is "Globality". Here's what the group president and CEO of KMA and Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Byung Mo Ahn, had to say about it - "Kia Motors is the fastest-growing car company in the U.S., and one of our company's core values - 'Globality' - teaches us to strive to become a respected global corporate citizen, which drives our company to contribute to a better future. Kia is committed to making a difference and is proud to be the first automotive brand to establish a national philanthropic partnership with to help provide school supplies for children most in need, while supporting all of the communities across the country that we call home."

The new partnership with, the online charity that makes easy for anyone to help students in need, hopes to help more than 125,000 public school students nationwide in 2012. Classroom projects such as requests for books, musical instruments, art supplies, field trips, can be posted to With its Double Your Impact campaign Kia Motors America has made a commitment of $1 million that will be used to match donations by citizen philanthropists.

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