Have you every thought about how new inventions are born? Inventionland, with you in mind, has created a short introductory video to show you what the process of inventing usually is, the creativity required behind the inventions we use every day and how we actually can get our inventions off the ground. Inventionland creates more than 150 new product prototypes every month with their award-winning team of professional designers and engineers.

Of course, as with every business idea, so is it with simple inventions, only a small percentage of the inventions actually become true marketed products and in order to get through Davidon's development process, you need to pay for their services. However, it might be worth it, if your product actually manages to take off.

One thing, of course, that everyone should remember before starting to turn their idea into an actual product - think about it once, and then once more, and then couple of days later and then some more. I've had quite a few toilet ideas myself, meaning ideas that I got while doing my thing, and that's where I'm coming from when I say - think before you act on your ideas. Simply make sure it's a good idea first.

One way or another, here's the video I promised -