And that's he truth. I found money I never knew I had. Of course, some just a a bit smarter person would have discovered it a while back, but as I hadn't played for couple of months and I actually didn't know anything about this poker room's loyalty program, I had no idea I had received daily rakeback from just playing. Especially considering the rakeback, depending on your level, can be anywhere from 10-35% and I had actually managed to get to 30%.

So now that I logged in after couple of months, it was a really nice surprise to see that they had paid the rakeback into the vault, a very nice feature for a poker room to have. Independent of the reason they created it, getting the rakeback into the vault instead of your usual account where you can simply waste it right away, is a really nice feature. Don't get me wrong, you can always remove the rakeback from the vault, but it doesn't go to your poker account automatically. You need to make the transfer between the vault and your poker account yourself.

Imagine you are playing a full day on 0.25/0.50 tables, imagine you are playing 4-6 tables at a time, imagine you generate 2500 points, imagine you get 30% rakeback. The result is about $90 in rake for you. Plus you can also exchange your 2500 points for an extra $25. So, if you're not a winning player, but you don't usually end up losing all your money either, this automatic rakeback option can actually turn playing poker into a profitable activity.

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The Cheers has approved this article and while we do not support gambling as such, we do think the vault feature is pretty neat and seems to have been created for the players, not for the casino. Not to mention about the
daily rakeback itself.