Not With You

A big change has come over me  

A lesson I needed to learn

My heart and mind are suddenly free

To embrace love at every turn

I thank you for making this so

I am grateful for what you've done

Your attention creates such a flow

I wish this feeling for everyone

I can't wait to share this affection

To get with someone through and through

My only regret is that this connection

Will not ever happen with you

We are close at heart, but far in mind

Our differences loom like a dark cloud

I don't mean to be blunt or unkind

And in this I'm in no way proud

But acceptance in me and who I am

Will not happen with you, I realize

I know I'm not the ideal man

At least not in your eyes

So from this moment we must part

To our own selves be true

But what will always stay close to heart

Is what could've been with you