E-Readers, eBooks, files on computers- that's the shape of reading in 2016. A few years ago, I gave a copy of a book I had written to a county library in Southern Ontario. I still have the press release. (encl)

It was a CD with a pdf file of the novel on it and a label stuck onto the disk with a device called the Stomper., which is still sold. That was 2006. Fast forward 14 years and things are quite different. In many ways.

E-readers have become start of the art, pocket and purse sized, many of them backlit, capable of holding thousands of books and connecting to the internet by wireless so you can download many more.

The reason for the technological advancement in something as old as reading is the rapid improvement in word-processing, publishing and pre-press. Books are written rapidly, self-published and on the market in e-form, sometimes in a matter of days.

Reading habits have also changed dramatically. You can read on the bus, on the beach, in the doctor's office and a whole variety of other places without anyone knowing what you're reading. You can go back and forth from your computer to your e-reader easily and you can read books that don't have to have the covers hidden.

All the hidden erotic poetry from ancient Greece and erotic stories down through the ages are finding their way back into public reading preferences. With this resurgence of popularity of eroticism in both classical and popular forms has come a whole new breed of writers, crafting and self-publishing such stories.

One of the biggest influences on the whole genre was "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James, the first book of a trilogy, released in 2012 and finding its way onto the big screen very quickly. Despite this overwhelming evidence of success, publishers and in some cases, author's themselves don't seem to want to acknowledge this literary revolution. Fan fiction, an offshoot of mainstream literature is almost exclusively erotic, using characters and sometime plots developed by others and taking the sexual content to extreme levels.

Even Harlequin Romances, once very "proper" have taken sexiness to a new level. One publisher said, "If it ain't explicit, don't submit it. We don't want euphemisms Ė tell it like it is!"

There are thousands of so-called publishers available on the internet offering full service to simple distribution. It's a case of buyer beware because Vanity Presses as they are often known, can cost you a great deal of money.

The web-site Predators and Editors, (http://pred-ed.com/) long a watchdog site for scams targeting writers, is now looking for a new caretaker as their listings have become out of date and in many cases, completely useless. Publishers come and go very quickly on the Internet.

My wife, who writes under the name D.T. Mann,(dtmann.com) has just signed contracts with her publisher, Summer Solstice Publishing, for two of her books, "Legend and the Photographer" (book 1 of a trilogy) and "Escape from Evil", one of a series about the international protection and security business. These contracts were signed recently following a couple of years of submissions, research, and seemingly endless writing of query letters and synopses. "Legend" is scheduled for release as a kindle e-book December 15, 2016 on Amazon and Escape from Evil has just started the editing phase.

In Part 2 of this 3 part series, we'll get into the further rise of erotic romance Literature (demographics, content, psychographics etc.) and in part 3, we'll try to sit back and totally analyze why it all happened.